‘Healthier’ to avoid watering lawns in ‘prolonged’ periods of heat – ‘it will survive’

How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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With the UK experiencing warm weather, now is the time for gardeners may be wanting to water their lawns. While this is good for the grass in the short term, the Lawn Association experts have said if there are long periods of hot weather, the lawn will survive without watering.

The Lawn Association explained: “Prolonged periods of hot weather may not leave your lawn looking pretty, but it WILL survive in the long run.

“The counter effects of watering in a really hot summer are that it would be expensive.

“In actual fact, it would be healthier for you and the planet if you just leave nature to do its work.

“Eventually the natural rains will come along and bring the soil levels back to normal.”

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Water can cling to the blades of grass which can lead to lawn diseases.

This can result in patchy, yellow grass.

However, for those who must water their lawns, the experts recommended watering it in the evenings.

They explained: “Apply after 8pm, then the grass has all night to use the water more efficiently.

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“All this being said, there are some tips to allow you to work with nature to get your lawn back to a healthy green fast, and your soil will need help.”

Green patches are common in the summer months and occur for several reasons.

This includes overwatering, the soil is too hard and walking on the lawn lots.

To combat this, the experts recommended focusing on the soil.

The Lawn Association said: “Soil shrinks under very hot conditions and the air is sucked out.

“This is why aeration is so important.

“Once the summer heat has passed and you are looking for autumn jobs to do, use a hollow tine aerating fork or machine to give your lawn exactly what it needs.

“These aeration products remove cores of soil without further compressing what’s left, and this creates those essential small channels for improved root development, water percolation and nutrition longevity.

“The principles of good, sustainable modern lawn care, are those working with, not against nature.

“By doing this, you will achieve the lawn that is perfect for you.”

Other jobs gardeners can do in the summer include pulling lawn weeds up and fertilising the grass.

Mowing regularly is also important in creating a lush, green lawn.

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