Hosepipe ban 2022: Where are the current hosepipe bans?

Jeremy Vine guest slams water companies for hosepipe ban

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Hosepipe bans have been announced for swathes of the UK this month, and people who flout the rules could face a fine of up to £1,000. Under the ban, people will not be able to use their garden hoses to fill paddling pools or wash cars, nor will they will be able to use sprinklers to water lawns and plants. Here are the hosepipe bans that have been announced for August so far.

Kent and Sussex

From August 12, millions of people in Kent and Sussex will be affected by a hosepipe ban enacted to ensure there is enough water for essential purposes.

In a statement on its website, South East Water said: “This has been a time of extreme weather conditions across the UK.

“Official figures show this is the driest July on record since 1935 and the period between November 2021 and July 2022 has been the driest eight-month stint since 1976.

“During July in the South East, we have only seen 8 percent of average rainfall for the month, and the long-term forecast for August and September is for similar weather.

“The demand for water this summer has broken all previous records, including the Covid lockdown heatwave. We have been producing an additional 120 million litres of water a day to supply our customers, which is the equivalent of supplying a further four towns the size of Maidstone or Eastbourne, daily.”

South East Water said it needed to take the step to protect “already stressed local water sources”.

It added: “We have been left with no choice but to restrict the use of hosepipes and sprinklers from 0001 on Friday, August 12, within our Kent and Sussex supply area until further notice.

“We are taking this step to ensure we have enough water for both essential use and to protect the environment. This will enable us to also reduce the amount of water we need to take from already stressed local water sources.”

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

From Friday, August 5, Southern Water’s hosepipe ban will begin in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight.

Just some of the areas affected include Kingsclere, Andover, Winchester, Otterbourne, Southampton and Cowes.

The hosepipe ban has been enacted to help protect the River Test and River Itchen, as much of the water pumped to these areas comes from these sources.

River flows are approximately 25 percent lower than they should be for July, which Southern Water said is “equivalent to losing more than 25 million bathtubs of water”.

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A date has not been given yet for when the ban will be lifted.

Dr Alison Hoyle, director of risk and compliance at Southern Water, said: “We haven’t taken this decision lightly and we know the Temporary Use Ban will have an impact on our customers.

“We’re working with the Environment Agency to ensure that we act responsibly to protect our environment.

“We’re asking everyone in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to do their bit by supporting these measures and only use the water that they need.”

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