How to keep living lettuce alive – so you will never have to buy it again

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Many of us dream of having our own veggie patch but don’t have the time or the outdoor space to do so. Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon have a plentiful supply of homegrown lettuce, all you need is a sunny window ledge and a bit of patience.

Everyone has experienced soggy lettuce browning in the back of their fridge, if you can keep it alive at home you will banish this problem forever.

Lettuce can be grown with ease at home, and its leaves harvested as and when you need them so your salad will be as fresh as can be.

Living lettuces can be bought in any large supermarket, much like fresh potted herbs, living lettuces come with their roots still attached in a small pot of soil.

The most common type of living lettuces you will find are butter lettuces but there are other types so keep an eye out for these.

Follow our top tips to keep this plant alive so it will continue to produce new leaves even as you harvest them.

Lettuce thrives at room temperatures with direct sunlight making windowsills the perfect spot for this plant to grow.

Put the plant on a sunny windowsill, or keep it under a light.

Do not put the plant in the fridge as it will be too dark for the plant to survive for long.

Make sure your sunny spot does not get too cold, some windowsills will not be suitable if they are too drafty.

Some single pained windows will not be suitable in cold weather as when the temperature drops at night these spots will be too cold.

You can fix this problem by moving the plants away from the windows at night and then replacing them in the morning so they get as much sunlight as possible.

Remember to water your lettuce regularly.

Do not let the soil dry out, it should be kept moist but not soaking.

To harvest make sure you pick the outer leaves first, if you pick the inner ones it has less chance of regrowth.

To keep your lettuce alive for even longer replant it in a new pot with fresh nutrient-rich soil.

Often the pots lettuce comes in will be too small, so planting in fresh soil in a larger pot will help it survive for longer.

Try to have more than one living lettuce plant.

If you eat a lot of lettuce you may over-harvest the leaves of one plant.

This will mean the plant may not be able to regrow its leaves to keep up with the demand.

By having more than one plant you can alternate between the two giving the plants more time to regrow their leaves.

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