How to ‘successfully’ kill garden weeds with easy ‘hacks’ – including using newspaper

How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

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Knowing how to get rid of weeds can help gardeners keep their outdoor spaces in tip top condition. There are several methods to help get rid of weeds for good, including using newspaper which stops the weeds receiving light. Chris Bonnett, founder of, told “Tackling weeds can be a tricky and galling task but luckily you can do it naturally and with very low costs.

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“The cheapest way is to weed regularly, but there are also budget-friendly and effective hacks that every gardener should know.”

The expert recommended mulching.

Chris said it is a great way to “deter” weeds as it creates a barrier to light.

He explained: “There are also commercial products available such as membrane, whilst you can also use bark chippings.”

Cardboard and newspaper can also be used to help gardeners get rid of weeds.

Laying cardboard on the problematic area will deprive the weeds of sunlight and nutrients.

Chris said this will therefore “kill” the weeds.

The gardening expert added: “The barrier stops the weeds from spreading and the good thing is that after covering it with soil, the cardboard will eventually decompose, giving the ground a fresh start.

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“You can also swap our cardboard with old newspapers but make sure to add a few layers to make sure the barrier is thick enough.

“Using card or newspaper are good hacks as long as you don’t mind the slightly bizarre look of it.

“Another trick is coating the leaves of weeds with homemade baking soda or white vinegar solution.

“That will successfully eradicate them.”

For gardeners looking for a more simple option, boiling water can do the trick.

Chris recommended pouring the water near the roots of the weeds.

It can help minimise their growth.

However, this hack should only be used on paving areas as it can be damaging to other plants in the garden. also shared the top gardening jobs to be doing throughout July to maintain the garden.

To help the garden flourish, Chris said gardeners should keep watering their plants.

However, if it rains, gardeners should adjust their watering schedule accordingly.

Chris said: “It’s important to keep your plants hydrated during warm weather.

“However, you also want to avoid overwatering them which could lead to long-term damage.”

Last minute fruits including strawberries, raspberries and cherries can also be planted in July.

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