Mum’s ingenious method to eradicate weeds using old compost – ‘don’t waste any!’

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Old compost is a form of garden waste created after your plants have sucked up all the nutrients. But there is no need to throw it away. In fact, there are so many uses for it, as gardener Sophie Valentine detailed. Sophie posts her tips and garden ideas on @lookinsidemygarden. 

She detailed what she does with her old compost. The garden guru said: “I like to try and not waste any. We all know how much we spend on fresh compost each year.”

So what does Sophie do with her old compost?

She said: “When refreshing my pots I remove any clumps of roots.

“I remove any bits that look particularly dry and dusty.

“I then add all these unwanted bits into a separate container.”

Gardening expert on how to keep your garden free of weeds

Sophie uses old compost to fill her large pots partway, so as to not waste lots of new compost.

She said: “I use it to fill my new containers so I’m not wasting tons of new compost. Some of my tall pots are very big.”

She also uses the material to kill off pesky weeds in the garden.

“You can also use your spent compost as a mulch on your borders,” she said.

Old compost can be used on flower beds and vegetable beds.

It improves the quality of the soil but will also help smother weeds, keeping them down.

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Mulch stops light from getting to weeds, causing them to die off.

They then break down within the soil, releasing their nutrients for your prize plants to sap up.

Sophie also leaves some of the old compost in her pots and mixes fresh compost in with it.

What else can you do with old compost?

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Uses for spent compost

Improving the lawn

Spent compost can be great for the lawn. Take it and rake it over the lawn with a grass rake.

This will make the lawn healthier as worms will take it down into the soil, eventually improving the look of your grass.

Growing carrots

Carrots need very little nutrients to grow in, so used compost is a perfect bed for them.

Helping grass seed to grow

If you have sown grass seed recently, layering used compost can help the seed to grow.

Sieve used compost over grass seed and water it well to help it grow.

Seed up current compost piles

If you have a compost heap, folding used composting into it can help give the composting process and boost.

The remaining bacteria in it will help the compost to break down.

Another clever way to kill weeds in the garden is by using cardboard. 

Kelly is a cottage and kitchen gardener who posts her expertise on her Instagram account @garden_days_girl. She follows a no-dig method, and so she lays cardboard down on beds to kill the weeds.

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