New Years Eve: ‘Good trick’ to protect your lawn from fireworks – ‘it’s important’

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Fireworks contain various different chemicals that can affect the lawn if they are left there for too long. With New Year’s Eve just days away, many Britons will be preparing their own display. However, it is important to protect the grass underneath and around before setting any fireworks off.

Samantha Jones, Gardening Expert at MyJobQuote, shared how people can protect their lawns from fireworks.

She explained: “If you decide to host a firework display at home, you’ll want to protect your lawn.

“A great way to avoid damage to your lawn is with the use of buckets.

“Fill some buckets with soil and place them in your garden.

“Then, instead of putting the firework stake directly into your lawn, put it into the soil in the bucket.

“Once your firework display is over, it’s important to clear away any pieces of fireworks that may have fallen onto your lawn.

“Fireworks contain various chemicals and these can affect the health of your lawn if they’re left there for too long.

“If you want to protect your lawn, a good trick is to use wet cardboard as a protective shield.”

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To do so, simply break up some old boxes and soak them in water.

Then, place the wet cardboard over the lawn at the base of where you are planning on lighting the fireworks.

Samantha added: “If you are worried about sparks that may fall onto different areas of your lawn, then it’s a good idea to give your lawn a good misting or watering before you light the fireworks.

“Simply go over your lawn with the hose to wet it.

“This will prevent any potential burns from stray sparks.”

It is also important to make sure there are no low trees around that could catch fire.

For anyone with artificial grass, fireworks should never be lit under any circumstances.

According to Glass Warehouse, artificial grass won’t catch fire but any sparks will be hot and could potentially melt the fibres on the lawn.

Sparklers must also be kept away from artificial grass because it could cause lasting damage.

With the UK in the midst of winter, it is also important to keep the lawn maintained in order for it to flourish in the spring.

Experts at Johnsons Lawn Seed recommend clearing any leaves or debris away from the grass as well as continuing to mow it if needed.

They said: “This is potentially the most important job of all to help keep your lawn healthy. Clear any leaves or debris, such as fallen branches, which can lead to fungal infections.

“It can also cause a spike in worm activity, as they come to surface to feed on the rotting organic matter and leave their worm casts behind. These casts are packed full of nutrients for your lawn, so the best action to take is wait until they are dry and then gently brush them back into the lawn with a garden brush.”

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