‘Removes places for them to hide’: The ‘very basics’ of ousting pests from the garden

Monstera: Houseplant expert details how to remove pests

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Pests can cause devastation in the garden, especially in vegetable patches and flower beds. Pests like slugs tend to go for hostas, delphiniums, dahlias, gerberas, sweet peas and tulips. They also like garden peas, beans, lettuce, celery and potato tubers.

Certain slug pellets have now been banned in the UK, specifically those that contain metaldehyde.

Hollie Newton, chief creative officer at Sproutl said she has “changed her view” of how to deal with pests.

She exclusively told Express.co.uk: “I used to say go for children-friendly slug pellets.

“Now I have moved away from it. There are the very basics – keeping on top of weeding.

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“In a vegetable patch, if you keep on top of weeding, it’s removing places for them to hide.

“Removing dead leaves and just looking at where they’re hiding.

“I am going to try beer traps this year as that does seem to be what everyone uses.

“I’m going to try nematodes too through the post.”

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Nematodes penetrate a slug’s body and secrete bacteria which then decomposes the sun from inside.

They are a great way to oust pests but gardeners have to remember to reorder them every six weeks.

Another way to keep pests at bay is by companion planting.

Hollie said she is going to try companion planting in her garden so that there is a permanent bed.

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She said: “Nasturtiums are one, calendulas – there are all sorts of plants.

“I’m going to try and make more of a permanent bed of them to try and detract them from [the vegetable patch].”

Hollie also recommended trying washing up liquid or “tabasco” for aphids.

She said to only use the washing up liquid solution in the morning otherwise leaves can end up being scorched.

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