Splat aesthetic is the new interiors trend that embraces mess

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The Y2K influence shows no sign of waning when it comes to interiors. Its newest guise is the splat aesthetic, a trend for home accessories that appear gooey, messy and melty.

What do you get when design Instagram’s love of wiggles and waves meets TikTok’s obsession with slime? The splat aesthetic.

 So named by Architectural Digest’s offshoot site Clever, it’s the latest evolution of the Y2K influence that has had fashion and interiors in a chokehold. The trend incorporates rugs that look like they were spilt on the floor rather than placed there, cushions that appear as if melting and mirrors that seem to be sliding down the wall. 

The trend is playful, avant-garde and maybe even a little bit gross, like the Loewe broken egg heels but for interiors. While the wave trend went hand in hand with 00s pastels, the splat aesthetic embraces the decade’s more vibrant shades. With both gooey contours and zingy colours, the trend appears to be channelling that 00s classic – the lava lamp.

If the squiggle handles, wavy-edged mirrors and soft, round sofas of the curve trend were a little too gentle for you, then the splat aesthetic is its slightly edgier, “psychedelic” cousin, as Clever notes. When asked what’s behind the new aesthetic, designer and ceramicist Ellen Pong told Clever she believes it’s a direct reaction to the cuteness of the curve and squiggle trend.

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“I think the coining of the term ‘avant-basic’ signalled the demise of cuteness,” she told the publication. (Avant-basic being another name for the pastel-toned interiors trend filled with curvy and wiggly items). Where the curve aesthetic was characterised by neatness and sweetness, the splat aesthetic has a more accidental, imperfect feel that we can get behind. Next stop: making red wine spillages chic.

So how to go about trying out the trend in your own home? Even if you’re not fully sold, there are some easy ways to start. Candles and coasters are a fairly low-risk way to introduce the splat aesthetic. If you don’t want to give up your pastels, Goober candles even give you the blobbyness of the splat trend with some of the softness of the curve aesthetic.

If you’re feeling braver, a bold-coloured splat-edged mirror from House of J will make a statement on any wall, while one of Ellie Pearce Textiles’ cushions will liven up a sofa that feels a little tired.

If, however, you’re feeling brave – a Tarta Gelatina splat rug is a great way to add texture and colour to your space.

For those even more dedicated to the splat life, you could make like interior designers 2LG Studio and create a splatter-effect feature wall. At least you won’t have to worry about keeping the edges neat.

Main image: Talbot & Yoon, Wold & Badger, Ellie Pearce Textiles and Tarta Gelatina 

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