Spoilers: Irene runs away from the Bay in Home and Away?

Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) anxiety has been mounting ahead of her looming court case against Tommy (Adam Sollis). The situation is helped by Bella (Courtney Miller) agreeing to testify, especially when she hears from her lawyer that Bella is well prepared and the jury will understand why Irene felt the need to protect her.

The positive news leads to Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Roo (Georgie Parker) being relieved for Irene, and Roo encourages Irene to read some of the supportive comments on Leah’s vlog. But this backfires when Irene reads nastier feedback, which condemns her for what she did to Tommy.

The comments go further, quoting details from her past such as her troubles with alcohol and brushes with the law. Irene realises a reporter has dug up some dirt on her, and her fears grow for the court case. Surely the jury will see the comments before the trial and hold her history against her?

Leah and Roo manage to talk her down and tell her to trust in the legal system, but Irene only pretends to be reassured. Leah suspects Irene is covering up her real feelings, but leaves her to work through them.

Later, Irene tells Marilyn (Emily Symons) she can go home and she’ll stay behind to lock up the Diner. In fact, she’ll even do some deep cleaning. Marilyn happily heads out to Salt with John (Shane Withington), while a shaky Irene waves her off.

However, as Irene finishes closing up the Diner, she writes a goodbye letter to Leah. Unable to face the possibility of going to jail, she makes plans to run away from the Bay…

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