Spoilers: Tane is stabbed by thugs in Home and Away

Tane (Ethan Browne) has been doing his best to let Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mac (Emily Weir) enjoy their relationship without struggling due to his feelings for her. When Mac moves into the Parata household, he requests opposite shifts so they aren’t forced to live and work together in close proximity.

Mac accepts his request, but is concerned by their fractured relationship and does her best to fix it. Although her bond with Ari strengthens, Tane’s brother is left wondering why he is absent so often – suspecting he is up to no good.

Unfortunately, just as Tane begins feeling more settled in his life, two men from his dodgy past show up in the Bay. Although he makes it clear he’s not interested in talking and asks them to leave, they tell him they have a job for him. 

The men follow Tane to Salt and begin causing a disturbance. Tane asks them to leave, but one of the men reacts by smashing a bottle and stabbing him with it. Mac panics as she sees blood gush from his wound, but he stops her from calling an ambulance.

The situation intensifies when Mac drives Tane to the hospital. After getting into the lift, it stutters and breaks down. Mac has flashbacks of the hospital siege and begins struggling to breathe as Tane continues to bleed…

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