Spoilers: Will Colby survive after brutal prison beating in Home and Away?

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Bella (Courtney Miller) are still adjusting to Colby’s (Tim Franklin) incarceration, and as they wonder how he’s doing, little do they know he is being rushed to hospital. Lewis (Luke Arnold) is frantically trying to resuscitate him in the back of an ambulance – then he has a seizure.

When he’s wheeled into the ER, Jasmine (Sam Frost) immediately recognises her friend and gives her all trying to help Christian (Ditch Davey) with the case. However, Christian struggles to work out what the inmates have done to him as he continues internally and externally bleeding.

As Colby is taken for scans, Jasmine picks up the phone so she can contact his family. However, one of the two corrections officers escorting Colby swiftly stops her, saying it’s against prison security policy to let anyone know just yet.

Jasmine’s sense of ethics kicks in, though, and she plans to secretly get Dean and Bella in – just in case it’s their last chance to see him. Dean makes some calls, and the River Boys show up in the ER to cause a commission and distract the staff.

While everyone is busy, Jasmine sneaks in Dean and Bella to Colby’s hospital bed. Before long, Christian comes in and sees them all. He gives Jasmine a chance to get the pair away, but they both struggle to tear themselves away from an unconscious Colby. Will this be the last time they lay eyes on him?

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