The top Farrow & Ball shades for autumn/winter 2022 reveal 3 distinct trends

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Looking to give your home a fresh lick of paint this autumn? Check out these top trending shades from Farrow & Ball for some inspiration.

As fun as it is to pore over this season’s interior trends and invest in some exciting new homeware, the simplest (and most effective) way to transform your home is to give it a new lick of paint.

It may be a bit more labour-intensive than investing in a new throw pillow or accent mirror, but changing the colour of your walls can make a massive difference to any room.

And you don’t need to go all out to make a difference, either; a quick scroll through interiors Instagram will give you a taste of all the eye-catching ways you can use paint to transform a space.  

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The only tricky bit is choosing the perfect shade – but that’s where this article comes in. As we settle into autumn/winter 2022, the experts at The Paint Shed have put together a definitive list of the Farrow & Ball shades that are proving most popular this season according to Google search data, and there are three distinct trends: cool neutrals, earthy tones and bold shades.

Keep reading to check out the shades that are set to take over our homes over the next couple of months.

1. Cool neutrals

The first trend to emerge from The Paint Shed’s Google search analysis was cool neutrals – a range of shades that provide the perfect backdrop no matter the colour of your furniture or accessories.

“Cool neutrals are an ever-popular choice, particularly for renters and those looking to sell their properties, as they offer a blank canvas on which to build most interior aesthetics on,” says Michael Rolland, interiors expert and managing director of The Paint Shed.

“They also allow personality to shine through using accessories, as these neutrals will complement any colours. Salt and Plummet in particular are safe popular shades.” 

Farrow & Ball’s top cool neutrals for autumn/winter 2022: 


Farrow & Ball’s Salt.

Described as a “bright, crisp white” on the Farrow & Ball website, Salt is the third most popular Farrow & Ball shade for autumn/winter 2022. A shade from the brand’s California range, its versatility and simplicity make it the perfect option for people who want to let their homewares do the talking.


Farrow & Ball’s Plummet.

While still neutral, Plummet offers a darker, grey alternative to the crisp, bright offering of Salt. Whether you use it as an accent or for the whole wall, Plummet is sure to provide a striking backdrop for any room. It’s a shade that’s ideal for creating an impression.

Hardwick White

Farrow & Ball’s Hardwick White.

It may not be as white as the name suggests, but Hardwick White is a classic grey, perfect for contrasting with bold colours and brighter whites. Up 55% in search volume, it’s ideal for creating a calming, laid-back atmosphere.

2. Earthy tones

Bringing the outside in has remained a key interiors trend over the last couple of years – and the popularity of Farrow & Ball’s earthy tones show that the trend isn’t going anywhere.

“The earthy tones give homeowners a little of the outside inside their homes, just in time for the early evenings and cold weather keeping us inside more,” Rolland says.

“These earthy tones bring warmth to the space and blues in particular have been linked to providing a sense of calm which may provide a comforting space to escape and unwind.” 

Farrow & Ball’s top earthy tones for autumn/winter 2022: 

Ultra Marine Blue

Farrow & Ball’s Ultramarine Blue.

More toned-down than the name might suggest, Ultra Marine Blue is the perfect midpoint between deep blue and a hazy grey. Described as a “romantic” blue on the Farrow & Ball website, this shade was created by the brand in partnership with The Natural History Museum as part of the Colour By Nature collection.


Farrow & Ball’s Hazy.

If ultramarine blue is too bold for your taste, then Hazy could be exactly what you’re looking for. Coming out on top as the number one trending Farrow & Ball shade for autumn/winter 2022, the shade’s salty undertones are guaranteed to freshen up your home during the darker months.

Faded Terracotta

Farrow & Ball’s Faded Terracotta.

Nothing screams autumn quite like a muted orange, and this soft, warm shade from Farrow & Ball is exactly what we’re talking about. Also from the brand’s California Collection, this shade is said to represent the colour of “terracotta pots and tiles baked to a pale hue by the California sun”.

3. Bold shades

If you’re scared of using bold colours in your home, experimenting with a bright accent wall or design could be the perfect way to get started. Chances are, you’ll love it.

“Using bold shades is a way to make a statement in the coming dreary months,” Rolland says. “These are great shades to add a pop of colour into your decor and with it brighten up the grey winter period.” 

Farrow & Ball’s top bold shades for autumn/winter 2022: 

Verdigris Green

Farrow & Ball’s Verdigris Green.

It’s no secret that green has had a moment in 2022, and as we head towards the end of the year, this love for green shows no signs of stopping. Verdigris Green – described as an “elegant copper green” on the Farrow & Ball website – came out as the fifth most popular shade in The Paint Shed’s analysis. 

Lake Red

Farrow & Ball’s Lake Red.

Go bold or go home with Farrow & Ball’s Lake Red – a mix between pink and red that is sure to get guests talking. Created as part of the brand’s Colour By Nature palette in partnership with the Natural History Museum, Lake Red is ideal for adding a burst of colour to any room. 


Farrow & Ball’s Citrona.

Yellow may be associated with the warm, sunny days of summer, but its recent spike in popularity (demonstrated by a 19% rise in Google searches over the last three months) shows that it’s perfect for autumn/winter too. Inspired by Californian lemon trees, this bold shade will brighten up any room. 


Farrow & Ball’s Tar.

Painting with black may seem intimidating, but the mesmerising undertones of black-grey shade from Farrow & Ball makes the choice a lot easier. Give your home a dramatic makeover with the help of this popular shade, up 15% in search volume.

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