This cosy interiors trend is expected to take over 2023

The homeware destination has shared its top interiors trends for 2023, and comfortcore is the interiors style we’ve got our eye on.

When you think of the 2020s thus far, ‘comfort’ isn’t a word that springs instantly to mind. From Covid-19 to the cost of living crisis, the past couple of years has been rocked by tumultuous times, making us crave comfort and stability more and more – so much so that it is behind what is expected to be the biggest interiors trend of 2023.

According to Wayfair, comfortcore is an interior style many of us will become more familiar with next year. The company, which teamed up with YouGov for its bespoke consumer insights, found that the desire for comfort comes as a response to more than two years of uncertainty in the UK.

The research found that more people want the home to be a place where they feel safe (69%), want to relax (67%) and connect with family and friends (53%). Meanwhile,  56% of respondents surveyed stated that ‘good interior design’ means ‘something comfortable’, with seating coming out on top as the home item most worthy of financial investment (51%).

Comfortcore: Invest in a wooden bath rack

Comfortcore: Add different textures to your space

Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair’s resident style advisor, said: “2023 is upon us, and after more than two years of turbulence, we’re looking to our homes for comfort and reprieve. At one end of the spectrum, it’s the little budget-busting accents in bold colours that are lifting our mood in dopamine dreams, while at the other, we’re drawing moments of calm from whisper-soft tones and curved cocoon-like forms.

“Whichever look you love, remember: comfort will be key in 2023.”

While comfortcore is definitely a trend we can all get on board with, how exactly can we incorporate it into our homes? Well, Wayfair has found five ways to get the comfortcore home of your dreams. Read on to find out how.

Tactile textures

Ensure your living space is layered with plenty of soft, snug, comfy textures to create the feeling of a warm hug to welcome you home. Think teddy bear, boucle, cotton, chenille, linen, faux fur and velvet. A mix of textures will amp up the comfortcore factor.

Sit comfortably

Give existing dining chairs a comfy upgrade with the simple addition of a cushioned seat pad for chairs or a dining bench. It’s a cost-effective and easy way to bring stylish comfort to your dining space.

One-pot wonders

Food is so often at the heart of celebrations – it brings family and friends together to make memories over mealtimes. By choosing standout and long-lasting pots, pans and other kitchenware, they can become the ultimate companion for all kinds of dishes, from stews to roasts, baked goods and more, enabling you to serve from the oven straight to the table – and what’s more comforting than that?

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Nostalgic comfort

Part of making a house feel like a home is putting your own stamp on it, but this isn’t necessarily all about the style of decor, furniture or accessories. Whether it’s putting race medals on display for achievements you’re proud of, your toddler’s latest work of art in pride of place on the fridge or filling frames with photos of loved ones or favourite places, these small but important touches can bring joy to a space and make it feel lived in and loved.

Mindful me-time

Make the most of time at home by slowing down and pressing pause. One way to do this is by investing in an Insta-favourite wooden bath caddy, which is perfect for holding a drink along with your current favourite read while enjoying a spa-like bubble bath.

Here’s to more comfort in 2023.

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