‘Very effective’ ways to kill patio weeds using ‘cost-effective’ household products

Envirobond: How to remove weeds from your Paving stone joints

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Unsightly sprouts of green poking out from patios can be frustrating to say the least, especially when gardeners think they’ve finally gotten rid of them for good and they suddenly poke their ugly tethers back out from between the stones. Weeds grow from seeds falling into gaps between paving rather than from growing up from underneath, unfortunately this does little to lessen the difficulty of effective removal. 

Tom Hilton, director of hydroponic specialist at National Greenhouse exclusively shared some budget-friendly hacks for ridding those green pests with Express.co.uk.

He noted that bleach is a “very effective” method for not only killing weeds, but “preventing” them from growing again.

Tom said: “For those annoying weeds that grow between the patio slabs or on gravel paths and driveways, you can spray a simple solution of diluted bleach or drown them in an undiluted solution by smearing.

“The chemicals in bleach will kill the weeds very effectively, preventing them from growing there again.

“Just make sure you target the base as best you can and cover all the areas in the cracks you can see.”

However, for those who have pets, this may not be the best method as it can be extremely toxic if ingested.

If gardeners are using vinegar to kill patio weeds, ensure that it doesn’t touch any nearby plants as it could prove fatal to them.

Unlike bleach, using the “vinegar trick” is a completely “pet-safe” option for getting rid of weeds, according to the gardening pro.

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Tom explained: “Just make sure that you target the weeds only, as this is a non-discriminate plant killer.

“White vinegar is very popular for weed-killing as it’s a cost-effective solution, but any type will do. 

“You can use undiluted vinegar for full strength, or mix it with dish soap and salt before adding it to a spray bottle. 

“A gallon of vinegar works well in solutions to ensure you have a good level of acidity.”

White vinegar’s high acidity is ideal for targeting weeds and removing them for good.

Depending on the hardiness of the weed you could see results as soon as an hour after spritzing with white vinegar.

However, make sure you avoid spraying the mixture on any plants you wish to keep, as it can kill those too.

Bleach and white vinegar are not the only “household items” gardeners can use to kill weeds.

Tom suggested: “Other household items can also help you in fending off the garden’s most notorious enemy. 

“Take newspapers, for instance. 

“All you need to do is collect those daily papers, and instead of recycling them in the cardboard and paper bin, give them a genius use by layering several sheets on top of the weeds and soil. 

“Wet them so they stay down, and cover them with a couple of inches of mulch.”

This covering and layering will prevent oxygen and sunlight from getting into the soil, smothering the weeds. 

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