You Can Officially Buy the Love Fern from ‘How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days’ (Sort of)

Movie buffs could never forget the iconic scene in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" when Kate Hudson's character, Andie, calls out Matthew McConaughey's Ben for letting their "love fern" wilt, all in a bid to get him to break up with her. Why dredge up moments from this hilarious 2003 romantic comedy? Because UrbanStems just partnered with Hudson's own King St. Vodka to create an actual plant inspired by the film.

Yes, you can buy your own love fern, and it just so happens to make a hilarious Valentine's Day gift. It's just the thing to wrap up for your significant other, best friend, sister, or mom as a symbol of your love. It's sure to last longer than a typical bouquet of roses, too.

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The limited-edition bundle includes a potted Blue Bell fern and a stylish mister to help you keep your plant alive and well. You'll also get a 15 percent discount code for Hudson's King St. Vodka through Reserve Bar so you can whip up a few cocktails at home, whether you're having a date night in or screening a classic romcom like this early aughts masterpiece.

Buy It: UrbanStems x King St. Vodka The Love Fern, $55;

In order not to repeat the mistakes of McConaughey's character in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," you can care for your fern plant by positioning it in a spot that gets indirect sunlight and ensuring that its roots are moist at all times. Use your new mister to shower it regularly if there isn't natural humidity in its environment. It's also pet-friendly, so you won't have to worry about your animals getting too close.

The timeless plant would be a welcome addition to any existing botanical collection or a great way to get into the plant mom life. It's easy to care for and has a classic look you can style on a stand, shelf, or accent table.

Since the giftable set is a limited-edition product, there's no telling how long it will stay in stock. So if you have your eye on it for that special someone (or for yourself), place your order today.

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