10 Rules Dr. Phil Follows To Achieve Success

Since the 1990s, Dr. Phil McGraw has reigned as one of the kings of daytime television. After getting his celebrity start with appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, McGraw’s star continued on a meteoric rise until he managed to get a television show of his own. Nowadays, Dr. Phil is one of the most popular television shows on the air.

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At present, it has been renewed for its 21st season, due to air in 2023. But apart from being a television personality, Dr. Phil is an accomplished author and psychologist. How did he achieve his multimedia empire? Dr. Phil follows a strict set of rules, many of which he has shared with his clients and fans over the years. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most important ones.

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10 Never Lose Sight Of Your End Goal

In Dr. Phil’s own words from an essay he wrote for Oprah’s website, “winners have a clear picture of success that they can describe in graphic detail.” People who become successful envision their end goal, and they never lose sight of it.

Even when life gets in the way, you have to remember what you’re trying to achieve. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever be flexible, but if your goal is always on the back of your mind, then you’re more likely to make choices that will increase the chances of you reaching your end game.

9 Create Detailed Plans

Dr. Phil is not a “fly by the seat of your pants” type of guy. He is a stringent planner and based on the million dollar empire he’s amassed, we can see how his method pays off. Once you know what you’re working for, you have to make a concerted effort to attain that goal. It’s not enough to simply understand what you want.

There has to be a plan in place to get to it. If your goal is a career, then you need to figure out all the steps that must be taken to get said job. Now making a plan doesn’t mean it will be an easy journey but as Dr. Phil says, “if success were easy, everyone would achieve it, and it wouldn’t be worth a darn.”

8 Be Realistic In Your Vision

One fundamental value Dr. Phil believes is of utmost importance is self-awareness and a healthy sense of realism. That doesn’t mean you have to be pessimistic, but it does mean you should be self-critical and keep your goals in line with what is attainable to you.

Don’t delude yourself into thinking you will be able to accomplish everything Dr. Phil has in a day, a week, a month, or even a year. Dr. Phil didn’t get to where he is today without years of hard work. It’s important to center yourself sometimes and keep things in perspective, so you don’t get too ahead of yourself.

7 Define Your Image

There are billions of people in the world, but there is still only one “you.” Establish your sense of self and figure out what makes you unique, then capitalize on that. Many people have a habit of comparing themselves to others and trying to mimic what they believe makes others successful, and sometimes that might work, but your success won’t be long-lasting if you’re only ever mirroring others.

People will gravitate to your confidence if you own what makes you stand out from the crowd. Dr. Phil hasn’t had a long-running show because he copies his peers. He found what makes him an individual, and that is what reaches people.

6 Choose Your Battles Wisely

When referring to people in his life who often try to get a rise out of them, Dr. Phil uses the term “baiters.” There will always be those that want to initiate conflict with you. For example, holidays can be a volatile time for many families, but Dr. Phil once interviewed with the Today Show where he gave some valuable advice about how to manage trying times with family.

Always pick your battles wisely. Is getting into an argument over the mashed potatoes the best use of your energy? Recognize when it is best to sit back and bite your tongue because it will make your life run far more smoothly than if you engage every time a conflict raises its head.

5 Don’t Be Afraid Of Taking Risks

Taking risks may seem counterintuitive to another rule on this list about making plans, but in fact, taking risks is a necessary part of achieving success. If you’re always playing it safe, you’ll have a hard time breaking out of your bubble. But that doesn’t mean you should take unnecessary risks.

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Dr. Phil states there is a clear difference between being impulsive and taking concentrated risks that could raise you to new heights. Dr. Phil didn’t get to where he is today without being afraid to reach outside his boundaries once in a while.

4 There’s Nothing Wrong With Forgiveness

Dr. Phil knows first hand how difficult it can be to forgive someone who you feel has wronged you. In his own life, he had similar feelings towards his father, who was never a big part of his life and never even told his son he was proud of him.

For a long time, he let those feelings dictate how he reacted to certain situations in his life. But then he realized that by holding a grudge, he was allowing another human being to control his emotions. Forgiveness is not weakness. It is allowing yourself to be freed from a restrictive situation and move on with your life.

3 Find a Worthy Cause

Once achieving success, it’s important to remember the people that helped you out along the way. Whether it be fans, friends, or family, don’t forget to show gratitude. For Dr. Phil, he has used his wealth to give back to a cause he is passionate about. The Dr. Phil Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2003 that helps make a difference in the lives of children.

The foundation aims to help raise money to address mental, physical, and spiritual needs for children. In addition to his foundation, Dr. Phil has supported other charitable organizations such as Red Cross, American Heart Association, Wellness in Schools, and more.

2 Do What Works For You

Living in a world of social media comes with debilitating factors, many people don’t even consider it. It is extremely easy to compare your version of happiness to someone else’s. Some people can also find themselves getting depressed when their version of success doesn’t align with what they see on Instagram or Facebook.

Dr. Phil advises that you find out what works best for you on an individual level. This is something he follows in his own life. Dr. Phil doesn’t seek out immediate gratification but instead works to do tasks he knows will provide a valuable payoff even if your goals and successes don’t look like your friends it doesn’t make your dreams any less worthy.

1 Don’t Let Success Go To Your Head

This is a general rule of thumb that everyone should follow but particularly if you wish to be even half as successful as Dr. Phil. Had he recklessly spent the money he made early on in his celebrity career or had he gotten too big of an ego after booking his talk show, Dr. Phil probably wouldn’t still be the cultural icon he is today.

It can be challenging to manage your wealth when you’ve never had it before, but it’s essential to keep in mind that as fast as good things arrive, they can disappear just as quick if you’re not careful. Don’t let greed overshadow your accomplishments.

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