11-year-old girl's guide to decluttering is the tidying inspiration you need

Planning to do some spring cleaning this weekend?

Don’t bother re-reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or checking Mrs Hinch’s latest tips. The only cleanfluencer you need is this 11-year-old girl.

Clearly bothered by the level of clutter accumulating in the family home, an 11-year-old girl wrote her mum a list detailing ‘what to throw away in your house’ – and it’s actually a really handy guide for giving your place a proper clearout.

The girl’s sister, Tracey Satterley, shared the list in the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It Facebook group, writing: ‘My 11 year old sister made this to get my mum started on her hinching journey.

‘Our mother is an in denial hoarder of everything… !!

‘My sister does not want to grow up to be the same.

‘She found this decluttering list so much fun to make and do on these rainy days we have had. ( be kind she’s only 11).’

The list is not only super detailed but very nicely designed, with each thing to chuck neatly numbered and written out in colourful pen.

So, what does this 11-year-old cleaning oracle recommend we bin (or donate)?

Here’s her guide to tidying up:

What to throw away in your house!

Now, to be clear, we wouldn’t recommend sticking to this list too rigidly – and it’s definitely worth checking what can be recycled or donated rather than chucking things in the bin willy-nilly.

But this 11-year-old’s guidance is an excellent place to start. We really did need a nudge to throw out odd socks and tubs without lids.

The clear-out guide has been flooded with praise in the group, with many people saying they’ll follow the girl’s advice this weekend.

One woman commented: ‘Aww such a lovely girl and she is a credit to her mum , I’m actually taking a tip of her list containers without lids I’m terrible for that …. but won’t be now thank you kind girl.’

Another said: ‘I need to do one of these for my husband I can identify with every single one.’

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