19 Reasons You Might Have Been Dumped, According to Women Who Have Been There

You don’t really know what someone means when they say they’ve been "dumped," until you hear the reason why they were dumped. Why is that? Well, because there are a plethora of different reasons you might have been dumped. And each reason constitutes for a totally different kind of breakup. I mean, think about it. The woman who’s dumped by her partner because he cheated with her sister and is now planning on moving in with her is going to be going through a very different healing process than the one who was dumped by her boyfriend who just came out of the closet. Similarly, the woman dumped by the person she’d been trying to dump, herself, is going to have a much easier time getting over the split than the woman who was suddenly blindsided by her breakup.

You get the picture. Just as every couple is different, so is every dumping. Recently, in a Reddit AskWomen thread, brave women went ahead and shared the reasons for which they had been dumped in the past. Some are laugh-out-loud hilarious, some are totally valid, some are downright infuriating, and some are just absolutely heart-wrenching. Read along as we share 20 of their totally unique responses here with you.

He developed feelings for her relative.


He said he was too horny for her.


He had a fear of not being single.


He wanted to work on himself.


He called her a plethora of rude names.


He left to be with his mistress.


He believed God told him to dump her.


He was mad she wouldn’t sit next to him on the couch.


He blamed their LDR for his blue balls.


She wasn’t mature enough for him.


She got one of the most classic lines of all time.


He said it was between her and his dad and he chose his dad.


He wanted kids and she did not.


He said he claimed he didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore.


He blamed her conflict resolution skills.


He fell for her former bestie.


They were too similar.


She wouldn’t go to church with him.


He couldn’t look at her without seeing his mom.


In conclusion, there’s no one way to get dumped, my friends!

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