2021 Australian Firefighter Calendars, featuring shirtless men, will benefit displaced wildlife

US firefighters returning the favor in Australia

American firefighters travel to Australia to help fight the bush fires after Australia firefighters helped battle California’s wildfires in 2018; Anna Kooiman reports from Sydney.

Are shirtless firefighters and snuggly kangaroos among some of your top turn-ons? Good news!

The Australian Firefighters Calendar — the latest edition of which features no fewer than two of those images — is back for its 28th year.

MIck, seen here with Jack the kangaroo, is one of many firefighters featured in one of the 2021 editions.

The annual calendar, which debuted in 1993 and has since raised over $3 million AUS ($2.1 million) for various charities around the country, is once again turning up the heat with not one, but six different calendars for 2021, including a specific variation that celebrates shirtless firefighters with native Australian wildlife.

Other themes include a “Dog Calendar,” showing shirtless firefighters with dogs; a “Cat Calendar,” showing shirtless firefighters with cats; and a “Classic Calendar,” with shirtless firefighters holding no animals whatsoever, if that’s your thing.

Tamer versions include an animals-only calendar, and a “Hero Calendar” which features firefighters in heroic poses, albeit with their shirts on.

Nathan and Leo the dog appear together in this year’s "Dog Calendar" edition.

“You will see all your favorite Australian firefighters with every variety of animal we could photograph, from koalas and kangaroos, to rescue kittens and Rottweiler puppies,” said David Rogers, director of the Australian Firefighters Calendar, in a statement obtained by South West News Service. “We have got something for everyone!”


Rogers added in a press release that this year’s animal themes are especially relevant, considering the country was ravaged by bushfires in 2019 and 2020, which reportedly killed or displaced an estimated 3 billion animals.

"No one was left unaffected watching our precious wildlife trying to escape from the bushfires, and the loss of wildlife is beyond comprehension. Everyone at the Australian Firefighters Calendar decided that all our efforts needed to be focused on Australian Wildlife this year,” Rogers said.

Donations from 2021’s latest crop of calendars, one of which features Dennis with Emily the koala (above), will benefit a number of animal-welfare charities, among others.


Donations from the sale of 2021’s latest crop of calendars will benefit a number of animal-welfare charities, including Safe Haven Animal Rescue, All Breeds Canine Rescue, and the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, among others such as Australia’s Rural Aid and Kids With Cancer Foundation.

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