3 ft 5.18 in Great Dane wins record for the tallest living canine

High tower hound! Great Dane named Zeus is world’s tallest male dog at a lofty 3 ft 5 – as his owner reveals he eats 12 bowls of food a day ‘and anything left on the kitchen counter’

  • Guinness World Records have confirmed the world’s tallest living male dog 
  • Two-year-old, Great Dane Zeus, from Texas, measures 3 ft. 5.18 inches in height
  • Another Zeus, from Michigan, who stood over 7ft, was tallest before 2014 death
  • Owner Brittany Davis says he eats lots of food – but favourite treat is ice cubes

A Great Dane that measures a whopping 3 ft. 5.18 inches has been named the tallest living male dog by Guinness World Records. 

Brittany Davis, from Bedford, Texas, says her pet dog Zeus hasn’t stopped growing since she was given him by her brother’s friend at eight-weeks-old.

A  video on YouTube shows Guinness World Records confirming Zeus as the current world’s tallest living male dog.

The owner said her two-year-old Great Dane has gained fame locally because of his attention-grabbing size, with vendors at the Dallas Farmers’ Market giving him lots of extra treats. 

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Great Dane Zeus (pictured), who lives in Bedford, Texas, with his owner Brittany Davis has been crowned the world’s tallest living male dog by Guinness World Records


Brittany, who is also owner of three miniature Australian Shepherd and a cat, Penelope, explained that Zeus and the feline have a mutual understanding to stay away from each other.

She explained that the cost of feeding such a large dog is expensive with Zeus consuming twelve cups of ‘Gentle Giants’ large breed dog food in the morning and another six in the afternoon to help fuel his ‘zoomies’.

‘When he gets the zoomies, he runs around for 30 seconds and jumps up on his chair once he gets tired,’ Brittany said.

She added that he occasionally has a fried egg, bully sticks, or his all-time favourite treat: ice cubes.

Brittany said owning Zeus is like having ‘another person’ living in their household.

Britany (pictured left) said Zeus has been big since she got him from her brother Garrett’s friend at eight-weeks-old 

Previous holder: Another Great Dane, also named Zeus (pictured), from Otsego, Michigan, was the world’s tallest dog ever measuring seven feet and four inches when standing on his hind legs – until his death in 2014

Great Danes tend to have a shorter life span than other dogs due to their massive size, having originally being bred for hog hunting and protecting women riding in carriages.

The world’s tallest dog ever on the Guinness World Record was also a Great Dane named Zeus. 

The canine from Otsego, Michigan, which passed away in 2014 at age five, measured 44 inches but could reach heights of seven feet and four inches when standing on his hind legs.

Brittany admitted her newly crowned world’s tallest dog Zeus, often use his height to cause mischief.

Brittany said Zeus steals any food left on the counters, eats six cups of food in the morning and another six the afternoon 

‘He likes to steal the baby’s pacifier off the counters and any food left on the counters is definitely free reign for him,’ Brittany said.

She explained that dog often leaves the vet in ‘amazement’ and it was her family’s idea to contact Guinness World Record about his astonishing height.

Brittany admitted that they didn’t expect Zeus to be the world’s tallest dog but said it’s ‘fun’ to be able to tell people.

Speaking in the YouTube video, Brittany said: ‘Zeus is very stubborn and doesn’t do anything he wants to, but he’s also very laid back. 

‘He loves everybody. 

Brittany said strangers often ask if Zeus (pictured) can be ridden as they compare his large size to that of a horse

‘When he gets excited it’s about ten minutes, he runs around and then he’s tired. His water bowl is the sink.

‘He likes to go on walks around the neighbourhood and really likes to be the centre of attention.  The comment that we hear most often for Zeus is ‘wow, that’s a horse’.

‘Also ‘can I ride him?’, ‘does he have a saddle’. The answer to all of those questions is no. He would not enjoy being a horse or being ridden.’

Brittany added that Zeus has brought their family joy and is always with her teenage son.

Commenters were left impressed but many admitted they wouldn’t be able to afford to feed such a large dog. 

One person wrote: ‘Wow and wow again! He’s awesome but as much as I love dogs I would not want to ‘pick up’ after him (it would take a three gallon trash bag!) not feed him.’

Another said: ‘I can only imagine his monthly food expense.’ 

Commenters have taken to YouTube gushing about Zeus’s size and the expense of feeding such a large dog

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