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THERE are some strong contenders for the best bathroom scale, from budget-friendly options to high spec versions.

We tested a whole range of them and here are our favourites.

When it comes to choosing the best bathroom scale, digital is generally the best.

They give more accurate results, don’t need to be calibrated as often, and generally last longer.

Basic digital scales are surprisingly affordable and are well worth the upgrade from analogue.

And high spec digital ones will measure everything from your body fat to how hydrated you are, helping you to get a good overview of your health.

You can even pick up eco-friendly ones that don’t need batteries replaced, saving you money and hassle.

Where to buy bathroom scales

We tested a range of different bathroom scales, opting for digital ones as they give more accurate results. Here are our favourites and where to buy them.

1. Aquarius bluetooth 16-in-1 smart body analysis weighing scale

  • Aquarius 16-in-1 body analysis scale, £16.99 from Groupon – buy here

For an affordable smart digital scale, it’s hard to beat Aquarius’ Bluetooth 16-in-1 smart body analysis weighing scale.

Once you step on, the display shows your weight – in kilograms, pounds or stones and pounds – alongside other wellness metrics like hydration, bone mass, muscle mass and percentage body fat.

You can also download an easy to use app that will show you even more data, including your body protein rate and obesity level, and help you to track these over time.

We struggled to get the batteries in at first – it comes with two AAA batteries – but other than that it was easy and straightforward to use.

Downloading the app was a breeze too as the manual it came with had QR codes that you just have to scan to get results.

2. Salter Eco Power digital bathroom scale

  • Salter Eco Power digital bathroom scale, £31.99 from Amazon – buy here

Salter’s Eco Power digital bathroom scale features a smart mechanism that replaces the need for batteries.

Before you step on, you simply push the button in the middle of the scales a couple of times – this movement then generates enough electricity to power the scales.

We found it was fast and efficient to use, with the weight clearly displayed on the LED screen.

The weight measurements can be given in kilograms, pounds or stones and pounds to suit you.

We also love the idea of never having to search for replacement batteries again.

These scales come with a 15-year guarantee and a portion of the sales is donated to the Sealife Trust, which helps to protect the world’s oceans.

3. Wilko electronic glass bathroom scales

  • Wilko electronic glass bathroom scales, £12 from Wilko – buy here

For a basic digital bathroom scale, it’s hard to beat Wilko’s budget-friendly version.

It has a clear, tempered glass platform to give it a minimalist look and the digital display will give your weight in kilograms or stones and pounds.

The scales also come with a 3V lithium battery (the coin cell type) and the display will flash a low battery sign before you need to replace this.

We found that it was straightforward and easy to use.

Our only gripe is that to replace the batteries, you’ll need a crosshair screwdriver instead of being able to just open it up.

4. Brabantia solar powered bathroom scales

  • Brabantia solar powered scales, £37.95 from Brabantia – buy here

For another eco-friendly option, try these solar powered bathroom scales from Brabantia, which charges with the help of two solar cells at the front.

You’ll have to charge it every time you use it as the manufacturer recommends against leaving it in the sunlight.

We found that it takes just a couple of seconds by a bright window to power up – it will flash ready when it’s charged – and then you simply step on to get your weight.

The digital display will show your weight in kilograms, pounds or stones and pounds.

5. Beurer BF850 bluetooth smart analyser scale

  • Beurer BF850 bluetooth smart analyser scale, £65 from Argos – buy here

Beurer’s high tech bathroom scales will give you your weight alongside measurements for percentage body fat, hydration, muscle mass, and bone mass.

It will also give you indicators for BMI, BMR (basal metabolic rate, or the amount of energy you need to do nothing) and AMR (active metabolic rate, or how much energy you need on an average day) to help you maintain a healthy weight.

The scales will store up to 30 measurements for eight people, but connect it to your phone or other mobile device via Bluetooth and you can track changes over time through Beurer’s dedicated app.

Setting up the scales to use for the first time was fairly easy, although we did find it quite awkward when connecting the app to the scales and this took a few tries to get right.

Beurer also produces a range of other wellbeing products, all of which can be connected to the same app, and we think these scales would work best if you used it alongside other products to monitor your overall health.

These scales require four AAA batteries, which are included.

How to calibrate digital bathroom scales

When you get a new set of scales, they should arrive pre-calibrated from the manufacturer.

It’s worth noting that all manufacturers allow for a small margin of error so if you weighed the same thing on different scales, it’ll give a slightly different result.

Different manufacturers have different margins of error though, which means some may be further from the “true weight” than others.

If you want to calibrate your digital bathroom scales yourself, check the user manual first as not all models will let you do this. Some models also do it automatically and some may have different instructions.

The ones that let you manually calibrate will generally have a calibrate button or function that you can select.

To calibrate your scales, you enter the calibration mode and then place an object onto the centre of the scale and adjust the number on the display until it shows the correct weight.

The object you use needs to have an accurate known weight, such as a pair of dumbbells or special calibration weights.

When that’s done, end the calibration and your scales should be correctly calibrated.

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