6 Best Hard Suitcases 2020 | The Sun UK

AT last, we are allowed to holiday abroad again, but with the dreaded virus still doing the rounds, travelling is set to be an altogether different beast.

One additional worry you won’t want to have is looking after your belongings.

A hard suitcase will provide better protection for your precious holiday cargo, particularly if you plan to carry anything breakable such as expensive hair straighteners or gifts for family abroad.

Hard suitcases also offer better security than soft cases: they tend to have better locking systems and many have TSA locks which allow security authorities to inspect the contents of your luggage without causing damage to the case.

In addition to better security, hard suitcases also offer weather protection if it’s wet while your case is being loaded or damp in the airplane’s luggage compartment.

On the downside, hard shell suitcases cannot be compressed like soft ones so if you want to fly with cabin baggage only, you’ll need to make sure that your suitcase falls within your airline's cabin baggage size requirements.

As with most luggage, you get what you pay for when it comes to hard suitcases so be sure to look for a polycarbonate or aluminium shell, high-quality zips, strong wheels and fully retractable handles.

To aid easy price comparison, we’ve rounded up a selection of medium-sized check-in cases that are ideal for trips of three to five days long.

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