6 easy ways to make your garden gorgeous in time for the bank holiday

6 easy ways to make your garden gorgeous in time for the bank holiday

We can’t quite believe it but we are actually nearing the end of August. How did this happen?

Soon autumn will officially be here, a new school term will begin and summer will be a distant memory. 

But before that happens we have one last bank holiday weekend for one last hurrah!

So let’s make the most of it by giving our outdoor spaces a revamp, ready for a classic British barbecue. And let’s just hope the rain doesn’t stop play. 

Here are six easy ways you can make your garden gorgeous. 

1. The power of plants

Even if gardening isn’t one of your preferred hobbies, there are plenty of plants and tress which are low maintenance and which you can buy all ready to go.

You don’t need to plant seeds and wait for months to see the results.

Take some advice on how big a pot or space they need in the ground from your local garden centre and then make sure you plant them either in the shade or sunlight, depending on what they need most of.

Creating a place where nature can thrive can really make a difference to how you feel spending time in your garden; even in the most urban of areas.

Orange and Lemon starter tree pair in 9cm pots (£19.99) at Very

If you’re optimistic about the British weather (and it has been pretty good this year) then why not try out a pair of orange and lemon trees? Won’t it be lovely to add a slice of lemon to your G&T from one of your own trees?


Or a pair of cypress trees will add a touch of Italian elegance to any entrance. Bellissima!

2. Get creative with paint

It’s not just the inside of our homes that can be refreshed with a lick of paint.

You’d be surprised just how transformative some paint on an old fence, trellis or wall can be.

You can also paint sheds and other garden furniture, as well as any old pots and planters you’d like to give a new lease of life.

L-R: Rust-Oleum Garden Furniture Paint Bramwell (£18.99) and Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish 400 ml Garden Furniture Spray Paint (£9.99) at Very

Rust-Oleum has a lovely selection of colours for outside and you can make it even easier for yourself by using their spray paints.

Now all you have to do is choose a colour. 

3. Decorate 

You’ve painted! Now decorate! 

Adding a few decorative accessories around the garden is a great way to create areas of interest and to bring it all together.  

La Hacienda Square Garden Mirror (£54.99) at Very

We like the idea of this garden mirror. Just like inside your home, it will reflect the light beautifully.

La Hacienda Moai Head Planter (£29.99) at Very

While this head planter is a great little addition for any space. It’s a talking point if nothing else.

4. Bring the inside outside 

We’re always talking about ‘bringing the outside in’ by using plants and greenery around our interiors, but now we’re doing it the other way around.

There’s a rather fabulous trend for having outdoor rugs right now, so if you’ve got a patio, some decking or even a gravelled area why not lay a stylish rug on top?

L-R: Moroccan Tile Flatweave Indoor/Outdoor Rug (from £24.99) and County Circles Indoor/Outdoor Rug (£49.99) at Very

It’s a brilliant way to bring some design focus to proceedings. 

We love this Moroccan tile pattern rug. It’ll look gorgeous under a table and chairs.

Or for a smaller space how about this circular rug instead?

5. Light up

The nights are still fairly long but to really add some good vibes to your garden, lighting is a must.

Use outdoor candles, lanterns and strings of lights to brilliantly twinkly effect.

In fact, string lights and fairy lights are ideal for wrapping around tree branches, bushes and fencing and will make sitting out under the stars with a glass of wine even more enticing.

Smart Solar Triple Starburst String Lights (£14.99) at Very

These starburst string lights are rather lovely and the best thing is they’re charged by the sun, so there are no batteries or fiddly cables to deal with.

6. Create an extra room 

If you make it nice (and practical) enough your garden can become the extra room of your house you’ve always wanted.

And to really make the most of it (when you take the British weather into account) it might be worth adding in some kind of covering.

It could be as simple as installing an arbour, where you can cosy up on the bench with a blanket, cushion, cup of tea and a good book. 

This one is very attractive and as discussed, you could paint it to make it a focal point of your outside space.

FOREST Cadiz Arbour (£319.99) at Very

Metal Gazebo with 2 Sides (was £259.99, now £219.99) at Very

Or this gazebo is perfect for housing your garden furniture, when entertaining.

Not only will it shade you from the heat of the sun, but the showerproof roof will ensure that a little rain won’t ruin your day.  

So fire up the barbecue and enjoy the last bank holiday before Christmas…  

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