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KICKING a ball around the garden is great fun for kids of all ages – whether they fancy themselves as the next Harry Kane or just want to have a bit of fun.

As anyone who's kicked a ball over the fence and annoyed the neighbours one too many times will tell you, finding the best garden football goalpost can help promote accuracy and encourage kids to be active outdoors.

There are garden football goals designed for a range of uses, skill levels and ages.

You'll find pop-up goalposts which are handy for those who don't have a ton of garden space, and don't want to keep their goal out the whole time, but which you can assemble at a moment's notice.

Locking football goals, where all component parts lock securely into place, are a good choice for those who will be kicking the ball day in and out, rain or shine, morning and evening and they're a popular option.

For those looking to have fun with the family – and perfect those precise shots – a target goal gives you varying points to aim for to improve accuracy.

A rebounder goal is another favourite for keen footballers, cricketers and the like as the ball bounces back to the player.

Here's our edit of some of the best garden football goalposts on the market right now.


Best for big gardens

bwst fpr small gardens

best value

best fpr toddelrs

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