A Delicious Event Supports L.A.’s Women-Owned Restaurants When They Need It the Most

The pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time for restaurants across the country, but a new event starting Thursday aims to lend a helping hand specifically to women-owned restaurants across the Los Angeles area.

Since restaurants remain closed except for take-out, the event will feature a wealth of virtual conversations and demos and a series of unique menus to order from more than 100 spots in every neighborhood. Bricia Lopez of Guelaguetza, Mary Sue Milliken of Border Grill, Lien Ta of Silver Lake’s All Day Baby, Kim Prince of Hotville Chicken and Heather Sperling of Botanica are among the chefs and owners who have launched the 10-day celebration.

RE:Her will also launch a non-profit to support women-owned restaurants with resources, mentorship and small business grants.

Among the feasts and events are specialty Thai, Mexican, Spanish and Japanese cook-at-home pizza kits by the women behind Ayara Thai, Casa Vega, Gasolina Cafe, n/naka: Little Belize’s Stew Oxtail Plate from owner Laverne Smith; Ayara Thai’s Claypot Baked Prawns; Ospi’s Arancini Boobies and “Top Chef” contestant Nyesha Arrington guesting at Post & Beam with Hoppin’ John Fritters with Collard Aioli.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Milliken and Susan Feniger (Socalo), Sandra Cordero (Gasolina Cafe) and Valerie Gordon (Valerie Confections) will cook a one-of-a-kind meal highlighting SoCal ingredients by way of Spain, Mexico and California across three courses.

Also this weekend, “Pasta & Pie” featuring Union and Union and Fat & Flour collaborate on a take out meal for two called offering fresh pasta, sauce and recipe from Union and a pie from Fat & Flour.

Friday through Sunday, Chef/Owner Suzanne Tracht of Jar and Chef/Owner Christy Vega of Casa Vega will cook a collaborative three-course tasting menu.

Virtual conversations include Women and Restaurants with Evan Kleiman and Ruth Reichl, Stories Lived and Told Through African American Food; The Next Generation and Rewriting Our Family Legacy and Being a Woman in a Man’s World.

On Saturday, Melissa Perello of M. Georgina assembles a 10-course snack-themed meal kit from chefs around the country, including an invite to a virtual event with chefs and emcee Patton Oswalt. Other events include a Women in Sake and Japanese Cuisine seminar from Tsubaki; a margarita demo from Brooke Williamson and Antonia Lofaso; a cacio e pepe class; a cheese tasting kit and discussion; and a children’s cooking class.

Check out all the events at RE:Her’s website and pre-order takeout experiences at Open Table.

(pictured: Bricia Lopez and Mary Sue Milliken)


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