A third of us are secretly hoping for a lockdown Christmas to avoid family

New research suggests that a third of us wouldn’t be too sad if Christmas didn’t go ahead as normal this year, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the initial reaction of many was panic in the face of a Christmas that separated the family, nearly four in ten were actually quite pleased.

These people, quite honestly, admitted that lockdown restrictions make for the perfect excuse to ‘avoid people they don’t want to see’, namely the ‘family they don’t like’.

The survey, conducted by Vin Crowd with 2,000 people, reported that 44% are secretly looking forward to a more quiet Christmas at home this year.

However, it seems people will be disappointed to take on cooking duties as just one in 10 ‘strongly’ think they’ll eat a better Christmas roast in isolation.

One participant summed up their views on the rule of six with: ‘no more bad food or booze with people you don’t really want to see’. Another called it a ‘relief’.

That’s another sticking point for people hoping to use the rule of six excuse – 22% of those surveyed believed they’d have the opportunity to drink better quality alcohol without attending a large family affair.

For just under 10% of people, that means learning to make cocktails for the festive day.

Nathan McGivern, a drinks expert from Vin Crowd, said this of the results: ‘It is so important to remember that Christmas is a time for people to let their hair down.

‘Whether it be with loved ones at home or celebrated in your social bubble, if you have the right crowd around you, Christmas is always going to be fun.

‘The holidays are the perfect opportunity to don your mixologist hat, experiment in your home bar and try new drinks.’

Despite no love being lost in the way a third view family time at Christmas, over 25% are mourning the office Christmas party – an event that can border on the lines of debauchery.

To make up for it, 17% are hosting virtual parties this year.

We’re not all bar humbugs though, as 52% were worried that restrictions would mean they’d miss spending quality time with loved ones.

It’s nice to know we’re not all feeling so downbeat about family time.

But for those who are, maybe don’t bring it up on the big day should you all get to together in the end…

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