Adam Hambrick Admits He Always Had An Urge ‘Deep Down’ To Transition From Songwriter To Artist

Even if you don’t know Adam Hambrick’s name, you’ve probably heard one of his songs. Now, he’s transitioning into becoming an artist himself, and dished all about that and more to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY

Adam Hambrick has written songs for established artists like, Dan + Shay, Justin Moore and Lindsay Ell, but now, he’s embarking on a singing career of his own. “Making music for a career, that was always the goal,” Adam told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when we caught up with him during the CMA Music Festival earlier this month. “Getting to move to Nashville itself was a dream come true. I kind of realized that Adam Hambrick the songwriter and Adam Hambrick the artist weren’t two separate people — the performing and singing, that’s always been there deep down for me. If I’m honest, that’s always been as important to me as writing the songs and telling the stories.”

Adam recently released his debut single, “Rockin’ All Night Long,” which tells the story he wanted to share with fans as he introduced himself to country music. “I feel like it tells a lot about me as a person,” he admitted. “It’s very personal for me. Obviously, I’m a dad, but I grew up the same way everyone else grew up — in a small town, chasing the good times and partying. Now, as a dad, we still make those late night memories, but they look different. The song is so deeply personal to me and I feel like people all over can connect to it because of how wide the frame of the song is.”

The song is part of an eventual bigger project, but there are no specific plans to release an album just yet. “We’re slowly putting out music,” he explained. “We’ve recorded the record and I was a co-writer on all the songs. It’s kind of a body of wok of stuff I’ve done since all the way back when I moved to town. It’s kind of the beauty of 2019 — we can kind of just do whatever we want. So, for now, we’ll just slowly put out music, and we have a new single coming out this summer. There’ll probably be an EP at some point. But I’m just trying to figure out how to get people knowing me a little bit as an artist and give them a slow introduction.”

As he continues to embark on this solo journey, Adam said he’s just hoping people are able to relate his music. “When you write a song, all you can ever hope for is that somebody else connects to it and enjoys it,” he revealed. “The more people that get to connect to it…that’s only a good thing for me. When people connect to a song you write, that’s literally the biggest compliment you can give an artist.”

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