‘All ages experience it’: Winnipeggers walking to raise awareness to fight arthritis

Winnipeggers of all ages will be lacing up this weekend to help raise funds and awareness for arthritis.

The Arthritis Society will be marking its tenth walk June 2, with a 1 km and 5 km option.

“This helps in getting cutting edge research, provides education, make lives better,” said the walk’s director Mia Dunn.

Dun said it’s a problem that impacts a millions of Canadians.

“Six-million Canadians and about 250,000 Manitobans have a form of arthritis,” she said.

“It’s all ages too. You can be an infant, a working person, or a senior,” Dunn added.

Power 97’s Phil Aubrey knows all ages can be impacted too well.

“My son, Jack, was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in 2016. He spent a few weeks in the hospital before they could figure out what it was and got control of it,” Aubrey said.

“He could literally not walk when we took him to the hospital. After getting great help, it’s now under control. It’s a daily battle though,” he added.

Phil Aubrey’s son, Jack, is facing arthristis head on and facing the challenge one day at a time.

Aubrey said Jack is all about dealing with the challenge.

“During the walk, he does the 5 km. I do the 1 km with my other little one. Jack has a lot of fun doing the whole walk. I usually hang with the mascots. It’s a great day,” he said.

Dunn said it’s wonderful to see so many dedicated ambassadors take on the walk.

“We want to ensure we have go-to resources for people experiencing arthritis,” she said.

“Our mission, really, is to have a world free of arthritis,” Dunn added.

More information on arthritis and the walk can be found here.

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