An Edinburgh butcher gets slammed online by vegans

Outraged vegans slam Edinburgh butchers as ‘psychopaths’ over tongue-in-cheek sign urging people to ‘end violence against vegetables’ by eating meat

  • A family butchers’ came under fire after sharing a joke promoting meat eating
  • People protested after the sign was shared to a Facebook group for vegans  
  • Butcher, Willie Christie claims the sign was not made with malicious intent 

A family butchers has been blasted by irate vegans over an ‘ignorant’ sign with a tounge-in-cheek message about eating more meat instead of ‘innocent vegetables’.

W.M. Christie Butchers, in Bruntsfield, wrote a chalkboard message outside the shop that read: ‘Every day thousands of innocent plants are killed by vegetarians. Help end the violence and eat meat.’

After a snap was shared on a Facebook vegan group, members failed to appreciate the joke and branded the butchers ‘psychopaths’ for making light of ‘the most violent industry that has ever existed’. 

A few calmer voices, however, reasoned that the butchers is entitled to promote its business and that nobody is forcing vegans to eat meat.  

A sign was spotted outside the Bruntsfield butcher shop by Jakub Dragon and was shared to a vegan Facebook group

The family run butcher’s shop was established in 1889 and is currently being run by Willie Christie, a fifth generation butcher

 Vegans in the online group were quick to share their displeasure at seeing the sign that promoted meat eating

The sign was later shared in a sarcastic Facebook post to a group named ‘Vegan Edinburgh’ by a 22-year-old student named Jakub Dragon, in which he wrote: ‘Spotted at family butcher in Bruntsfield, sooo funny!’ 

Speaking to the Edinburgh Live, Jakub branded it ‘nonsense’ and admonished the justification of killing animals.

He said: ‘It only bring anger, and fights and I don’t find that funny. Surely eating plants is less damaging to the environment, and plants, unlike animals are not sentient.’

Many vegans in the comment section for the post agreed, with some calling the sign ‘ignorant’.

One person simply wrote: ‘F****** psychopaths.’

One of the group’s administrators thought comparing meat eating to eating vegetables was ‘nonsense’

A group moderator who was outraged by the butcher’s sign said: ‘Jeez, the ignorance is astonishing. Plants are not sentient and exist in synergy with humans and animals as a food source.’

‘You just can’t say I murdered a carrot. People will cling to all sorts of nonsense to justify murdering animals….animals that have exactly the same fundamental wishes as us – to be happy, safe and free from suffering.’

Another commenter agreed and touched on the lack of logic at hand, saying: ‘And what does their meat eat?’ 

One vegan in the group, however, thought the butcher was entitled make jokes: ‘Surely we can take this in good humour. These people are running a business that has been in their family for generations. It doesn’t mean we all have to eat meat.’ 

Voices of reason! Some members of the vegan group urged others to calm down and see the funny side 

‘It can’t be OK for vegans to fly the vegan flag, and not OK for meat eaters to do the same, regardless of our reasons behind being vegan.’

A non-vegan onlooker saw the ridiculousness of it all, saying: ‘Never thought I’d see the day that a vegan says to other vegans they don’t like butchers. How controversial.’

While another jokingly said: ‘Calm doon peeps.’ 

The butchery, which was established in 1889 is now being upheld by Willie Christie, a fifth generation butcher.

Despite the negative comments online Willlie told Edinburgh Live that people took his sign the wrong way, insisting there was no malicious intent, and that it was meant as a harmless joke to promote his business.

Not being displeased with the attention the furore brought to his butchery, and noting that he respected others’ opinions he added ‘As it it’s veganary, isn’t it fitting it could be meatanury too?’

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