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AWAY suitcases are known for being modern, stylish, and built to last.

We took The Medium for a spin to see whether it lives up to the hype — and the expensive price tag.

Away Suitcase Review: Quick Summary

  • Away The Medium suitcase, £315, Away – buy here

Measuring 66cm x 47cm x 28cm, The Medium is a great size for packing away all your clothes, shoes and toiletries into one easy-to-use suitcase.

We loved that there were lots of handy compartments to help make packing easier. It also comes with a waterproof laundry bag that hides inside one of the pockets until you need it — perfect if you decide to take a last minute dip in the pool before coming home.

The polycarbonate hard shell casing is durable and easy to clean and, thanks to the leather highlights, looks classy and timeless. Plus, if you get a whole set of Away suitcases, they nest inside each other for storage, saving you lots of space when they're not in use.


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Away The Medium Suitcase: Full Review

We took The Medium for a test drive on a long weekend with plenty of outfit changes, including four pairs of shoes, but there was still room to bring back souvenirs. If you’re smart about how you pack, we think it would work for a much longer trip or even for a couple to share just one case.

The key to making this suitcase great for novice packers is the layout. One half of the suitcase is separated by a zippable mesh screen, which makes the compartment ideal for holding in any loose items or things you don’t want to get squashed, like hats or shoes.

The other side is completely open. You can put your clothes directly into this, or drop any packing cubes in. There’s an adjustable mesh compression screen in the middle that you can then strap down to make sure your suitcase closes properly every time.

You can also store your documents or anything that you want to keep flat in that screen.

Then in a pocket at the base of the suitcase, you have the waterproof laundry bag with a zip closure – it’s attached via a snap button so you’ll never forget it, but you can also remove it for cleaning.

  • Away The Medium suitcase, £315, Away – buy here

How easy is it to move around?

We found The Medium really easy to manoeuvre thanks to the four 360 degree wheels.

But while effortless on the smooth tiled floor at the airport, we struggled a little more on the rough paving on the way to the airport compared to our usual Antler suitcase, which has more elevated wheels.

If your usual journey is home, car, airport or train then it shouldn’t be a problem but if there are lots of cobbles where you live then it’s worth bearing in mind that a bit more effort is needed.

Carrying your luggage over those cobbled patches is easy though.

As well as the extendable handle to pull the suitcase along, it also has easy-to-grip handles on the top and one side of the case to make picking it up easy.

How to clean your Away suitcase

The Medium comes in a range of different colours and we tested Sand, which is a fairly light colour It actually hid dirt and scuff marks remarkably well, which we were surprised by.

One thing we love about Away’s suitcases is that they come with a handy little sponge that you can use to clean off any scuff marks. You simply dampen the sponge, squeeze out the excess water and then rub any marks and they magically disappear – all the instructions are included in your suitcase, including how to reset the TSA-approved combination lock.

We tried this out and it actually worked – although some of the marks needed a bit more elbow grease – and now it looks as good as new.

Which retailers sell Away suitcases?

Online, Away’s suitcases are sold almost exclusively on the brand’s website.

They will have the widest selection of designs and colours available, and you can also personalise your suitcase with either your initials printed on the exterior or stamped on to the luggage tag.
They also have a physical store in London where you can visit and try out the sizes.

How much are Away travel suitcases?

Away’s suitcases range from £195 for The Carry-On to over £600 for larger, limited edition ones.

The Medium starts from £315 but customisations are extra.

  • Away The Medium suitcase, £315, Away – buy here

Away The Medium Suitcase: The Verdict

We loved road testing our Away suitcase — The Medium was a great size, lightweight at 4.5kg and made packing (and repacking after the trip) really easy.

The £315 price tag is obviously quite a lot and pushes it firmly into the premium bracket, in line with brands like Samsonite.

But if you travel regularly, and style is important, it is absolutely worth the investment.

Away’s suitcases are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, which includes “any functional damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers, or anything else that impairs your use of the luggage”. If anything goes wrong, they will just fix it or replace it.

Plus, they offer a 100-day trial on any unpersonalised suitcases so you can test it to see whether it’s a good fit for you and return it if it’s not.

Away suitcase alternatives

While the Away is a fab suitcase for all of the reasons we’ve described above, it is on the expensive side, so we’ve done a bit of research to find you alternatives that combine the functionality and good looks of the Away, with a more modest price tag. The best mid and low price suitcases we’ve found include:

Antler Clifton Medium in Mineral

  • Clifton Medium in Mineral, £199 from Antler – buy here

The Clifton from Antler is everything you’d expect from this luggage stalwart.

It has a capacity of 83L when fully expanded and weighs less than 4kg. The combination lock enhances security, while the all-direction wheels and telescopic handle mean the suitcase is easy to move even when full.

Inside, one half features fastening straps and the other has two zipped compartments.

We love this mineral shade, but more traditional colours are available, including black, navy and taupe.

It measures 29x45x67cm.

Tripp World Ice Blue Suitcase

  • Tripp World Ice Blue Suitcase, £69.50 from Amazon – buy here

Made from polypropylene, which is strong, but lightweight, this stylish suitcase is ideal for holidays or short breaks.

The lined interior is split into two sections – one with straps to secure the contents, the other with a handy zipped mesh divider.

The four wheels coupled with the telescopic handle make for optimum manoeuvrability and there’s also an integrated lock. It measures 65x46x26cm and weighs 3.5kg.

Flight Knight medium suitcase

  • Flight Knight medium suitcase, £59.99 from Amazon – buy here

This hard case measures 63x48x27cm, weighs 4.2kg and comes in a variety of colour options, including Champagne (pictured), rose gold, charcoal and black.

The outer is anti-scratch and water-resistant, there’s a telescopic handle and four wheels for easy movement.

Inside is multi-use, so one half is zipped and the other has straps to keep your clothes in place. And it has a combination lock.

Samsonite Stack’d Medium Suitcase

  • Samsonite Stack’d Medium Suitcase, £219 from John Lewis – buy here

Samsonite is one of the heavyweights of the luggage world and this case does not disappoint.

The polycarbonate exterior is strong and according to the manufacturer, highly scratch resistant. The interior is fully lined – there are straps to one side and three zipped sections to the other.

It has a telescopic handle, multi-directional wheels, an integrated luggage tag, a combination lock for security and it comes with a 5-year guarantee.

You can also opt for personalisation and the carry-on size has a built-in USB port.

It measures 68x46x28 and weighs 3.7kg.

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