Baby Born with Natural Frosted Tips: 'She Was Famous in the Hospital,' Says Mom

When parents Charlotte and Lewis Evans welcomed their baby daughter Daisy, the exciting arrival brought about a shock: she had natural blonde highlights in her brown hair.

According to The Daily Mail, Daisy, 14 days old, was photographed numerous times by her excited parents, with Charlotte, 30, joking that the surprising hairstyle had come from Lewis, 33, who has dyed red highlights.

“It’s cute. Her dad has red [tipped] hair,” she told The Daily Mail. “We got a few comments about that too, saying she takes after her daddy.”

In addition, the newborn’s surprising highlights reminded the parents of a celebrity with a similar look: David Beckham, who iconically rocked the frosted tips look in the early 2000s.

“She does look like she’s got David Beckham hair,” said Charlotte, who added that her daughter’s unusual hairdo even surprised the hospital staff, many of whom had been there for decades and had seen nothing like it.

The couple, of Buckinghamshire, England, has three older children, but none of them have the frosted highlights that their newborn sister does.

“There were midwives coming up from other floors who would say, ‘This is the baby everyone has been talking about, I’ve been waiting to see her,”’ Charlotte told the outlet. “She was famous in the hospital.”

However, Charlotte did manage to trace back the shocking highlights to another member of her family: her brother was born with the same hairdo 36 years prior!

“His wasn’t through the whole hair — it was just the tips that were blonde,” Charlotte explained to the Daily Mail. “He had jet black hair and white ends to it. Obviously, it runs in the family somehow.”

Even as she was born, Daisy’s highlights were not yet identified. In fact, it took hours after the birth, until her hair dried off, that those in the hospital room came to notice her unconventional look.

“You could see she had quite a lot of hair, but when she came out with that I was just like ‘wow,’” her mother said. “Once her hair dried off from the birth I noticed the highlights, so it was a couple of hours later.”

“One of the midwives said, ‘Oh, she’s got highlights in her hair. I went, ‘Oh, has she?’ I looked at her hair and there were loads,” she added.

Days later, the couple began to notice her special highlights fully formed, which they have now come to greatly appreciate, although they question what her true hair color will become.

“I’m thinking she’ll grow out of the highlights,” she told the Daily Mail. “She’ll either end up with blonde hair or mousy hair. One of them said they still have the highlights at 2, another said it’s gone a mousy brown color and another has gone blonde. It could go either way at the moment.”

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