Barber gives free haircuts to homeless as he shares incredible transformations

If you spotted someone getting a haircut in the middle of the street you’d probably do a double take, thinking ‘what the hell is going on’.

But one barber is taking to the streets of London with his kit and is offering free haircuts to rough sleepers.

Kieran Clark, from Tring in Hertfordshire, started offering his services to strangers in the streets three months ago, hoping to give those in a tough spot a feeling of normality.

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Speaking to MyLondon, the 23-year-old said: "I love cutting hair. I wanted to help out because I know the feeling when I get a haircut, and it makes me feel like I'm ready for the day, like I'm a whole new man.

“I thought, let me give haircuts so I can give someone that feeling too.

“I love that it's a job where I get to speak to new people every day, hear new people's stories and make them feel great about themselves.

"When I cut people's hair around London, I literally just walk around with my barbering tools, with my mates. I tend to go wherever's busy.

“The majority of the time, people are happy to have their hair cut randomly. Some people say no, and I always ask people if they'd like to be filmed.

"Some people who pass by take pictures, and say well done. As it's in London, a lot of people just get on with their daily lives."

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Kieran films the haircuts, sharing the touching moments on TikTok with his 60,000 followers.

In one of his viral videos, Kieran offered a haircut to a man called Steven, who is homeless and living on the streets near King's Cross.

In the video, Steven gets a ‘number two back and sides’ while revealing that he has been living on the streets for four years after splitting up with his partner.

Kieran then got Steven, who is from Manchester, a cup of tea after his haircut was complete.

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Speaking about the overwhelmingly positive responses to the video, the barber added: "Everyone is saying it's a nice gesture, and it's opened up new opportunities for me.

"A homeless shelter contacted me and asked if I wanted to go there and give haircuts too. I'm looking to just keep it going, especially if there's someone in need.

“And maybe I can start some sort of charity, where other barbers can come in and cut hair for homeless people, almost like a soup kitchen."


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