Barista forks out £8,000 on a nose job after being bullied for years

Barista, 18, who endured years of bullying and was told by boys they’d date her if she had a different nose forks out £8,000 on cosmetic surgery

  • Alexandria Cecil, 18, from Waltham Cross, was bullied for her nose for years
  • She has forked out £7,800 on a nose job after her confidence hit rock bottom 
  • Said boys would make fun of her and say it looked like someone had sat on nose 

A barista forked out almost £8,000 on a nose job after enduring years of bullying that left her not wanting to leave her house – while a bloke said he couldn’t go out with her because his mates would laugh at her nose.

Alexandria Cecil, 18, from Waltham Cross, in Hertforshire, spent 7,800 on a rhinoplasty after bullies spent years making her feel self-conscious about her job.    

The 18-year-old claims ‘humiliating’ remarks like she’d ‘look better with a different nose’ saw her confidence hit rock bottom and she was left not wanting to leave the house or look in the mirror.

The makeup artist decided she wanted to have a nose job when she was aged around 13 and after finally having it done last month claims its impact has been ‘life-changing’. 

Alexandria Cecil, 18, from Waltham Cross, in Hertforshire, spent 7,800 on a rhinoplasty after bullies spent years making her feel self-conscious about her job. PICTURED NOW 

The make-up lover maintains it’s been the ‘best decision ever’ and posted online in a bid to help other women who may have had similar experiences and be looking to have the procedure.

Alexandria said: ‘The bullying I experienced in school pushed me towards getting a nose job.

‘I’d say I probably would have still wanted to have it done but I wouldn’t have realised it as early on as I did, so it added to my insecurities.

‘I had one boy say “oh, I like you and would go out with you but I don’t want my friends taking the mickey out of my girlfriend”.

Alexandria decided aged 13 she wanted a nose job and said having it done last week had been ‘life-changing’

The 18-year-old said she dealt with unkind remarks about her book from secondary school, with people saying it looked like someone had sat on her nose (pictured before)

‘That was his reason for not getting to know me properly because he knew his mates would take the mick out of me and he didn’t want to have a girlfriend that everyone takes the mickey out of.

‘It embarrassed me because I really liked him and for someone to say that to you isn’t a very nice feeling. I cut him right off and didn’t talk to him again.

‘I lacked a lot of confidence to the point where I didn’t want to leave the house because I used to get things said to me at school. What people said made me self-conscious.

‘I was fine before I joined secondary and when people started pointing things out it made me look at myself more and realise “oh, well maybe there is something”.

Boys use to tell Alexandria that they liked her, but couldn’t date her because people would make fun of them because of her nose (pictured before)

The teen feels much more confident after having her nose slimmed and tweaked during the procedure (pictured now)

The 18-year-old, pictured now, said she suffered from really bad anxiety due to the unkind comments she’d received 

Alexandria has shared some of the abuse she suffered because of her nose on her TikTok account 

‘Boys mainly would say that my nose put them off dating me – “oh you’d be better if you didn’t have that’ and ‘I’d date her if her nose wasn’t like that”.’

Alexandria claims that at least once a week she’d receive a cutting comment in school and that if a classmate took a picture of her side-profile she’d ask them to delete it immediately.

Alexandria said: ‘I’d avoid looking in the mirror and when I did I’d get this gut feeling, it would just turn my stomach over and sometimes I wouldn’t even look at myself on my phone because I hated it.

‘They just used to ask if I had broken it, why was it like that and call me names and things. People said “I’d look better with a different nose”.

‘It was all the same things but when it’s said over and over it gets really draining. Nine times out of ten I wouldn’t let it faze me. I would get really upset but I wouldn’t show it to them, I’d just come home and have a little cry.

‘I was on a group call with one of my college friends and a boy who fancied her and I said to him “oh shush, she’s not into you” as a joke and then he replied with “I’ll punch you in the face and fix that nose in a minute”, because I think I might have embarrassed him a little.

The teen, pictured before, withdrew from social media, because she didn’t want other people commenting on her nose

‘I had a go at him and said “That’s not funny, what gives you the right to say that to me?” and then my friend started having a go at him and he just left the call because I think he got a bit embarrassed that he was having a go at him as well.’

The 18-year-old was hopeful the bullying would subside when she left secondary school and started college, which it did, but it started in a different sphere as she began receiving comments online.

Alexandria said: ‘It would stop me from posting things on social media. When you do make-up you have to be posting your face, and I obviously wouldn’t do that because I’d be worried. The fear of getting comments online held me back.

‘I was in a TikTok that one of my friends posted and it got way more views than mine did and all the comments are about me.

‘Online someone said “you look like you’ve been sat on”.

Before, Alexandria wanted to post about makeup on TikTok, but was afraid to show her face. Now, pictured, she doesn’t hesitate

The teen’s confidence has skyrocketed, and she now feels confident to post on TikTok like anyone else (pictured now)

‘I’d get random Snapchat accounts adding me which I think were my old school friends. If I’d post something they’d just say something nasty and then remove me.

‘I just blocked the Snapchat accounts and with TikTok if I saw one bad comment, I’d just delete the whole thing because I’d get really bad anxiety and I’d just think ‘oh God, here we go’.”

The barista, who’s hoping to eventually start her own business as a make-up artist, claims she posted on TikTok to share information with others who may be looking to have the procedure, and her videos have amassed more than 2,900 likes.

Alexandria said: ‘Looking in the mirror was really weird because I’d been waiting for it for so long so when it finally happened, it almost felt a little surreal and it felt like it was over really quickly.

Alexandra, pictured now, said she wanted to start her business as makeup artist and had shared her experience about rhinoplasty on TikTok

Alexandria, pictured showing her new profile, is no longer afraid of showing her face online and is ready to face the world 

Pictured: Alexandria in hospital after her surgery. She said she wanted to help other girls in similar situations as hers who had questions about rhinoplasty 

‘It’s already had such a big impact. I already feel way better about myself now that I’ve had it done. Someone at work said that I’m ‘glowing’ and that they’ve noticed a change in the way that I act.

‘It’s definitely been the best decision ever. I 100 per cent feel more confident and it’s been life-changing for me because it stopped me from doing so much and now I’m not scared to go out and meet new people.

‘When I was looking for TikToks before I was about to have my surgery, there weren’t many from the UK. I wanted to post something for people in the UK so then if girls saw it they could message me and I could give them advice.

‘You’ve got to make sure you love yourself before you get it done. Otherwise nine times out of ten you’ll want to get something else done, and will just get into that loop of wanting to change everything.

‘I had it because beforehand I didn’t see anything else wrong with me other than my nose, and because it was stopping me from doing so much, I believe I did it for the right reasons.’

The blossoming makeup, pictured now, artist said she went through the surgery because it was stopping her from doing many things 

Pictured: Alexandria recovering at home after her surgery. She admitted looking into the mirror was a shock 

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