Bartenders have secret code they use when they find customers attractive

Have you ever spotted a bartender you think is rather dishy when you're getting a drink?

Well it may be reciprocated as it's been revealed that bartenders have secret code they use when they find customers attractive.

In a busy bar or pub, many staff tend to use a shortcut code to let others know about when something's run out (86) or if there's a customer waiting (200).

But there's also another code when they think someone is hot.

A thread on Reddit saw bartenders discuss which shorthand terms they use, after u/joshintheuk wrote: "A while ago I was told of a 'bartenders code' which consisted of various numbers that were used to represent things on the bar either secretly or quickly between staff.

"Things like '86', meaning to be a ran out of product, '200' meaning a customer waiting, '50' meaning to catch, and '700' to refer to an attractive customer.

"It seems like a pretty fun and useful thing to get my staff doing, and I was wondering if anyone knew any more or had a different/more comprehensive list of expressions?"

Another user jumped in to say that they used a slightly different code for good-looking customers, saying '699' meant 'hottie at the bar', while '700' stood for 'probably hottest girl in the building is at the bar'.

They said they also used 'Barry White' as slang for 'going for a s****'. Just lovely.

Another said they used '300' to identify an 'attractive lady', but said '300 high' if they could see… a 'big ol' pair of boobies'. Wowzers.

Others said they had an entire scale to label attractiveness, explaining: "First number is face on a scale of 0-9, second number is either 0 or 1 (would or wouldn't) and last number is body. So 719 is pretty damn good and a 303 looks like your grandfather."

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Luckily, not everyone uses coded language to discuss how attractive a customer at the bar is.

Some said there had ways of letting staff know it was time for a round of shots, with one person saying their manager always asked for a 'quick word please'.

Another said: "Actually, 'staff meeting' behind the bar means shots. I'm the GM at a sports bar and nightclub and I call for staff meetings on busy nights when it looks like my staff is about to lose it.

"Everyone normally pours themselves a quick shot or I pour all the shots and we air cheers and keep on plugging away at the crowd of drunken idiots."

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