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DON'T sweat the small stuff on long car journeys, get some of these cool accessories to ease stress on the road.

We’re not entirely on board with some car accessories – eyelashes on the headlights – but these are of real benefit.

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We’ve searched high and low to bring you all the best car accessories we think are must-buys for your wheels.

With a mixture of convenience and safety, nothing is too pricey, but all will make the everyday commute and longer journeys just that little bit more comfortable.

Check out our guide to keep you safe, stylish and certainly more organised behind the wheel in 2019.

1. Griffin Powerjolt 2.1A Dual USB Port Car Charger

  • £14.99 from Argos- buy here

These days manufacturers are pretty switched on about putting plenty of USB ports in the car to make sure you always have juice.

That said, some of these ports in older cars are seriously underpowered, meaning your navigation is drinking more than the car can put back in during your drive.

This dual plug is over two amps, meaning you can get the fastest charge possible via the 12V port.

Two USB ports enable you to charge your phone and power something else.

Let’s arrive ready for action….and have the power to let Mum or a friend know we’re safe.

2. Tile Mate

  • £17 from John Lewis- buy here

Tile Mate began life as a Kickstarter project, going on to be one of the platform’s greatest success stories.

The small plastic square contains the Bluetooth technology to help you find misplaced things – keys, stereo fascia, teddy or glasses case.

Through a smartphone app – if your car keys aren’t where you thought they’d be – once you're within 100 feet of them a melody plays to help you locate them.

Conversely, if you’ve put down your phone, hit the little button on the Tile and it’ll lead you back to your handset.

There’s a one-year guarantee too.

3. AA Car Essentials Winter Kit

  • £28.33 from Amazon- buy here

As the weather is more unpredictable than ever, you’re best off keeping some key items in your boot, in case of emergency (ICE).

As well as a cosy blanket, spare coat, hat, gloves and snacks, the AA’s Car Essentials Winter Kit includes a compact folding snow shovel, torch, foil blanket, high-vis vest, rain poncho and a set of booster cables – offering great value.

Plus, all this comes in one neat case, whether you need it yourself or spot another road user in trouble.

4. Safety First Aid Kit

  • £11.43 from Amazon- buy here

All year round, a First Aid Kit can save you from a world of pain.

Whether you inadvertently injure yourself, or you need to pull a Bear Grylls and improvise when your suit jacket rips right up the back before an interview – a story for another time, perhaps.

This affordable kit from Safety First contains all the quality key items you need to stem bleeding or treat a more serious injury before you can seek more professional help.

A First Aid Kit leaflet will help guide you and all items are replaceable too.

5. Blind Spot Mirrors

  • £5.09 from Amazon- buy here

Brand-new motors come with blind spot monitoring technology, so you can avoid pulling out on something you haven't seen.

Forget the tech. For a fiver, you can give yourself more visibility by attaching these convex circular mirrors to the outer side of your wing mirrors.

They stick with 3M adhesive pads, and can be adjusted to get the angle right for your car.

More cyclists in our busier streets squeezing up the sides of vehicles mean these mirrors can be a real life-saver.

There’s four in a pack, so multi-car households get excellent value-for-money.

6. Zeepin Solar-powered Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

  • £29.99 from Amazon- buy here

If you want to know more about tyres, head to our buying guide, or check out a cheaper way to monitor pressure, with our guide to gauges.

But if you’ve got the cash and no desire to crouch over your wheel every week, a digital TPMS will transform your world.

A little sensor screws to each of the tyre’s valves, then the solar-powered monitor sits on the dash, alerting you if your tyres fall below their ideal pressure.

Best £30 ever dropped, so long as you don’t lose the little allen key which fixes the sensors tightly.

7. Vzer Gap Filler

  • £5.99 from Amazon- buy here

We have it on good authority that BBC Top Gear’s Rory Reid knows a thing or two about losing things down the sides of car seats.

The original ‘Drop Stop’ featured on the US’s equivalent of Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank.

The idea is a squidgy tube fits in between the seat and centre console, putting an end to lost, inaccessible items, like crisps, coins, and (in Reid's case) broken phones.

Drop Stop claims its £19.99 design, complete with a seat belt slot is the only one to stop all items and not move position.

While we also think it looks much better in our motor and is worth the extra pounds, if you're looking for a budget version, the Vzer copy will fit most cars.

And they come in various colours to match upholstery too.

8. Hysagtek 2 Pcs Car Glasses Holder


  • £6.38 from Amazon- buy here

This affordable glasses and ticket holder is a multi-functional wonder to keep the inside of your car looking tidy.

Helping you to find things in a heartbeat, the clip action attaches to your sun visor.

This two-pack will help you store items such as business cards, pens or credit cards.

The foam pads protect sunglasses from getting scratched.

The holder can rotate 180 degrees, so it fits all types of car visor, without obstructing your view.

Again, the multi-pack either helps with more things in one car, or can offer great value for all cars in the family.

9. Little LifeOrganiser

  • £14.99 from John Lewis- buy here

Parents adore this car organiser from LittleLife.

As with others, this well-designed organiser hangs off the back of the front seat.

It’s perfect for keeping all your valuables in one place when you're on the road.

Made from durable and easy-to-clean fabric, it’s practical for frantic daily life.

It has a large top pocket for storing devices and a drink pocket, fitting most cups and bottles.

The deep pocket is a godsend for parents trying to keep baby entertained on long car journeys, as you can fill it to the brim with toys and games.

Brilliant bargain.

10. Ring European safety kit


  • £28.99 from Amazon- buy here

Driving in Europe has always been different.

Brexit might mean differences increase, but to keep you on the right side of the road and the law Ring’s created this safety kit.

It’s got all of the legal essentials for continental tours, such as a warning triangle, hi-vis vest and beam reflectors.

The velcro strip will stop it from sliding around, and the breathalyser will confirm whether you’re good to go after that earlier visit to the vineyard.

With any luck, you won’t need the kit, but get stopped without one and you’ll face more than a £29 fine.

11. Cymax 2 Pack Large Car Hammer

  • £7.25 from Amazon- buy here

Another one of those items on our list that we hope you’ll never need to use, this durable Cymax safety hammer is as essential as an airbag.

Get caught in a collision and you might need something to free yourself.

The hammer breaks hardened glass and the safeguarded razor blade will take on your seat belt with ease.

Each with a mounting bracket, the two-pack offers great value.

This bright orange device is also comfortable to hold, helpful if the collision has broken bones.

The colour helps educate young kids on what might be needed in case of emergency.

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