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NOBODY likes panda eyes (unless you’re Alice Cooper). So how do you clean up your peepers without leaving any makeup residue behind at all?

Simple. The best eye makeup removers on the shelves will have them spick and span before you can say 'spotless'.

New and improved formulas use big boss power cleaners like micellar water to gently rid the eye area of tough-to-tackle makeup (waterproof mascara, we're looking at you).

A good product will mean there's no need to drag the cotton pad over the delicate eye area, softly but effectively removing all traces of makeup and dirt.

Many products now also boast skin-loving ingredients that work to soothe and protect the fragile area around your eyes.

We've picked out the best eye makeup removers that won't leave a sting – in your eyes or your bank account.

1. Best drugstore eye makeup remover

  • Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 100ml, £7.99 from Superdrug – buy here

This quick easy breezy vegan product is a totally refreshing and effective cleanser, that’s also suitable for sensitive skin.

As well as ditching the dirt, it also contains nourishing pro-vitamin B5 which, with regular use, helps lashes look healthier.

Cucumber extract, meanwhile, soothes and calms the delicate skin around the eyes. This is a star buy at this purse-friendly price.

2. Best natural eye makeup remover

  • Korres Natural Jasmine Eye Make-Up Remover 200ml, £16 from Look Fantastic – buy here

We love an all-natural product free from any nasties like silicones and sulphates.

And this gorgeous product not only smells amazing but also gets right down to the nitty-gritty, removing even the most stubborn waterproof mascara.

What's more, it boasts eyelash-strengthening pro vitamin B5, moisturising wheat proteins, and cucumber, jasmine and calendula for soothing and refreshing.

3. Best eye makeup remover pads

  • NIP+FAB Kale Fix Make Up Removing Pads 60 Pads, £9.95 from Look Fantastic – buy here

Normally, kale's not a word that gets us too excited. But, thankfully, we've found a way you can benefit from all its superfood goodness – without having to actually eat it. Genius.

These makeup remover pads are perfect for travel or for late nights when you need a quick swipe-and-sleep solution.

Packed with watercress and (the aforementioned) kale extracts, the pads work to remove makeup while leaving your skin deeply moisturised. Suitable for use all over your face, including the delicate eye area.

4. Best organic eye makeup remover

  • INIKA Certified Organic Makeup Remover 70ml, £19 from Look Fantastic – buy here

Target every trace of makeup with a good-for-skin organic formula.

The oil-based product removes and nourishes your complexion without leaving a greasy residue.

It's perfect for all skin types, sensitive included, and ideal for use on the delicate eye area. The result? All the dewy, fresh-faced feels.

5. Best micellar eye makeup remover

  • Nude by Nature Gentle Eye Make Up Remover 120ml, £16 from Feel Unique – buy here

Micellar-based makeup removers are ultra-effective and equally soft on the skin.

This no-snag, no-drag formula melts away makeup gently while also enriching the eye area with nurturing ingredients.

Vitamin C-packed Australian Kakadu plum, conditioning vitamin E, and soothing witch hazel combine to leave your skin refreshed and whistle-clean.

6. Best gentle eye makeup remover

  • Aesop Make Up Remove 60ml, £17 from Look Fantastic – buy here

Tenacious waterproof mascara, be warned: you won't escape the clutches of this effective makeup remover.

While it's excellent at dissolving cosmetics, it's actually super-soft on your skin.

Packed with grapeseed oil and blue chamomile, the formula manages to pack a punch while being lightweight, purifying and sensitive on your (clean and fresh) peepers.

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