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WHEELS are arguably the most neglected component on a car.

They may house the four rubber discs sticking us to the road (and at every corner, saving our lives), but they tend to be washed last, rinsed with the remnants at the bottom of the bucket and barely given a glance to drying or polishing.

Our wheels could do with some TLC.

What can I use to clean my rims?

For layers of road dirt and brake dust, you need a specially formulated wheel cleaner.

These cleaners can break down brake dust faster than any other detergent, car or home, saving you much time.

What is best for cleaning alloy wheels?


Alloys are standard on plenty of new cars today and rightly so.

Their moulded and sculpted formation is considerably easier-on-the-eye than the plastic hubcaps of yesteryear.

But, they do have their downsides.

Scuff them on a kerb and you’re annoyed for the rest of the week.

Get them stained and you have to be really selective in the wheel cleaner you choose.

Ideally, you’ll look for an acid-free solution that won’t damage the protective coating on the alloy and spoil the finish.

Using a mix of expert reviews, industry tests and user feedback, below is a list of the best wheel cleaners you can buy in 2019.

1. Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel




  • £12.65 from buy here

Bilt Hamber’s Auto Wheel is a multi-award-winning formula that changes colour as it works. Getting into every crevice caked with brake dust and road grease, Auto Wheel breaks down the dirt in only a few minutes.

Agitating the formula around the wheel with a suitable wheel brush (we love the Filmer Car brush with its angled head 18797- buy here) means minimal effort for maximum results.

The spray head ensures even coating and in the end, wheels are gleaming. Pricey but hard-to-fault otherwise.

2. Turtle Wax Redline Wheel Cleaner 500ml 52811

  • £6 from Amazon- buy here

Turtle Wax’s Redline Wheel Cleaner has been formulated to be completely pH-balanced to do as little damage as humanly possible to alloys.

Following suit, the formula is colour-changing as it works. This Redline cleaner exceeds Turtlewax’s own Essential Wheel Cleaner by a country mile. When it’s put through its paces on heavily soiled car and motorbike wheels, performance has been outstanding.

Given its less than half the price of Auto Wheel, it’s perfect for detailers happy to have sparkly wheels without sacrificing a kidney or your first born child to get them.

3. Wonder Wheels 600ml Colour Active Wheel Cleaner

  • £4.99 from Wilko's- buy here

Wonder Wheels is a hot favourite for budget detailers.

Pipping Turtle Wax’s Redline to the post on price, in tests it has proved to be as effective.

Once limited by the surfaces to which Wonder Wheels Colour Active could be applied, its boffins have now developed a wheel-cleaning formula kind enough to all types of wheel compound, meaning your alloys can gleam for next-to-nowt.

Although they say ‘no brushing required’, we’d still give the wheel some (gentle) welly, if it’s been a while since you cleaned your wheels.

Brake dust cakes like nothing else we know.

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