Bikini model ‘unfollowed for losing weight’ as fans miss her curvy content

Bikini designer and model Karina Irby has gone online to reveal she's lost some of her Instagram followers since losing weight.

The 33-year-old, from Australia, used to be well-known for her body positive posts.

However, lately the Moana Bikini founder had shared a number of posts about dropping the pounds.

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This has caused a number of her followers to ditch her account, according to Karina – and she's not happy about it.

The stunner took to her Instagram account to tell her 1.2million followers to "respect" the fact that she wants to lose weight.

She said in a statement: "Day 62 of my new healthy habits.

"I’ve had a lot of girls reach out and tell me, now that I’m losing a little bit of weight and I’m talking more about my food, health and training, that they’ve had to unfollow me.

"I respect and appreciate that people have their own journeys and experiences in this space. But I would appreciate that respect in return."

She added: "I’m not out here trying to upset or trigger people. In fact, I’m trying to do the opposite.

"I’ve been really struggling over the past 18 months with anxiety surrounding my health, which led me to create some pretty toxic and unhealthy habits. Something needed to change.

"However, after working on myself and speaking to a professional about my struggles, I’ve been able to reboot myself."

Karina continued: "Body positivity has been put in a very small bubble of only showing and representing your 'flaws' and being fine with them. While that’s a very important aspect of the movement, it’s SO much bigger than that!

"It’s about utterly and hopelessly falling in love with YOURSELF.

"And, in order to do that l, people do all kinds of different things to get there. And that’s OK."

She concluded by stating: "If someone wants to lose weight. That’s ok. If someone wants to gain weight. That’s ok.

"If someone wants to work on their mental health. That’s ok.

"At the end of the day, someone’s personal decision on how they work on themselves DOES NOT NEED TO IMPACT YOU.

"Their decision has no bearing on you and the relationship you are fostering with your body."

Karina shared a bikini snap of herself to accompany the statement, where she was seen smiling and poking her tongue out.

Many supported her on the post, as it racked up more than 29,000 likes from fans.

One exclaimed: "This is exactly what I’ve said over the years! We are the main characters of our own stories and we get to decide how they go."

Another added: "Keep doing you, all your hard work is inspiring!"

Despite this, some did hit back over the message, as one wrote: "If someone wants to unfollow you because your health journey is triggering for them, THAT’S ok too. No need to shame people for being impacted, regardless of your intentions."

Karina's previous body positive posts included one she shared last year where she posted photos of herself in the morning and the evening to show how much her body changes.


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