Boris Becker's girlfriend and son cheer on Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon

Becker’s girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro and his eldest son Noah cheer on Novak Djokovic at day one of Wimbledon – two months after fallen tennis star Boris was jailed

  • Lillian de Carvalho Monteiro appeared alongside Noah Becker at Wimbledon 
  • The pair sat together on Centre Court in Novak Djokovic’s box for day one
  • Boris Becker’s girlfriend and son have not been seen in public together since they supported the former world number 1 at his trial in April
  • Becker was jailed after he was found guilty of hiding more than £2m of assets

Boris Becker’s girlfriend Lillian de Carvalho Monteiro and his eldest son Noah cheered on Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon today in their first appearance together since the former world number 1 was jailed.

Carvalho Monteiro, who is in her 40s, appeared alongside her partner’s 28-year-old son as the pair sat in Djokovic’s box on Centre Court on the first day of this year’s tournament.

The political risk analyst, who speaks five languages and has three university degrees, stood by her partner’s side as he was jailed for two-and-a-half years in April.

Becker, 54, was found guilty of hiding £2.5million worth of assets and loans to avoid paying off debts after he was declared bankrupt in 2017.

Lillian de Carvalho Monteiro (top right) sits alongside Noah Becker in Novak Djokovic’s box at Centre Court in their first public outing since Boris Becker’s trial

Carvalho Monteiro supported Becker throughout his trial at Southwark Crown Court before he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail

During his trial at Southwark Crown Court, Lilian, who is thought to have been dating Becker for around three years, supported her partner alongside his son Noah.

Lillian, who was born in the African island state of São Tomé and Príncipe, reportedly blew her beau a goodbye kiss as he was led out of the courtroom following his sentencing.

Since Becker’s sentencing his girlfriend has been seen visiting him at HMP Wandsworth, where he is being held.

In early May, shortly after he began his stint, Carvalho Monteiro was seen stepping out of a car outside the prison wearing a denim jacket, a white T shirt and black jeans.

Appearing with Noah, whose mother is Barbara Becker, today for the first time since they supported Becker at the trial, she wore a white vest and sunglasses, with her hair pulled into a relaxed ponytail.

Noah sat next to her in sunglasses, a blue shirt and a tweed jacket as they cheered on Novak Djokovic who defeated Korean player Kwon Soon-woo in straight sets.

The couple, who are reported to have been together for three years, put on a united front as they attended Becker’s sentencing in April

Carvalho Monteiro and Noah supported Boris Becker throughout his trial, which related to money and assets he had hidden after being declared bankrupt in 2017

Carvalho Monteiro held her partner’s hand while his son Noah walked alongside them as they headed to Southwark Crown Court 

The Serbian player was trained by Boris Becker for three years from December 2013. During that time he won several grand slam titles.

After Becker was jailed Djokovic said he was ‘heartbroken’ for his former coach.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the Madrid Open, he said: ‘He’s a friend, a long-time friend, a coach for three, four years, someone I consider close in my life and has contributed a lot to my success in my career. 

‘I’m not going to get into details of the verdict, because I’m not in a position to do that, but, as his friend, I’m super sad for him. It’s not much that you can say.’

Noah appeared alongside his mother Barbara at a red carpet event in Germany earlier this month. 

The pair smiled for the cameras but did not give any interviews at the premiere of a new TV channel. 

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