Boy, two, died after nanny force-fed him 50g of salt laced in porridge

A two-year-old boy died from poisoning after his nanny force-fed him 50g of salt.

Cruel Yana Deinesh, 25, laced the boy's porridge with the shocking amount of salt and forced him to eat the disgusting meal.

He later felt sick and lost consciousness before being rushed to intensive care in a critical condition.

Tragically, he died soon after.

Deinesh was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 14 years in prison for the incident that occurred during lunch in the village of Kholmogory in north-western Russia's Arkhangelsk Oblast region.

The court heard how during the boy's lunch, he was moody and the nanny decided to punish him for that.

She grabbed a pack of salt and poured almost half of it into the child's porridge.

Deinesh then mixed the salt with the meal and forcibly fed the toddler.

Doctors did everything possible to save the child's life, but despite all the efforts he died from salt poisoning.

Investigators say the victim was forced to down at least 50g of salt in one sitting.

As a result, the dose of salt in the boy's body exceeded the norm by 60 times and killed him.

Deinesh was arrested and confessed in full.

During interrogations, she said that "she didn't want the boy to die", reports say.

Prosecutor Vadim Kuchin said to local media: "Even an adult is not able to eat such an amount of salt willingly.

"The victim was forced to eat it and the accused fed him deliberately.

"We treated the case as murder and the court agreed with us."

Arkhangelsk Regional Court charged Yana Deinesh with murder and sentenced her to 14 years in prison.

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