Bride asks husband-to-be for permission to hug ex-boyfriend for ‘one last time’

A bride has stunned her groom when she asked for his permission to hug her ex-boyfriend for the last time at the ceremony.

TikTok user @mayangkumay shared a video that was taken at her wedding reception in Malaysia.

In the video, a man is seen walking towards the podium to congratulate the couple after the reception.

The beautiful wife greets him before turning to her husband, asking: "Can I hug him one last time?"

Her groom gives her his permission as she opens her arms and wraps around her ex-partner.

While they exchange a few words in front of the groom, the ex-boyfriend bids farewell to the bride and turns to her new lover for a handshake.

The groom pulls him in and gives him a warm hug while the bride hugs another female guest. The clip has amassed 2.5 million views since she posted it on January 17.

Viewers were amused by the reactions as some suggested the bride still has feelings towards her ex-boyfriend.

One said: "I'm not gonna do that, I'm going to invite my ex to my wedding."

Another pointed out the groom's reaction, adding: "You see her husband immediately looks down when he sees his wife hugging her ex. What would the groom's family think?"

Others showed sympathy with the groom.

"Your face can't lie bro, it hurt but it's okay," a viewer mentioned.

A second commented: "Your husband deserves better. You should learn to let go!"

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