Bride’s spooky wedding cake cracks people up as icing looks x-rated

A bride who happily showed off her wedding cake had social media users crying with laughter as they said it looked rude.

The white three-tiered cake was created with an abstract design and covered in royal icing, flower designs and faux-flowers.

But, it also had a gothic addition of what people said looked like a “spiderweb” – which would be very cool for a Halloween event or wedding.

Some said it looked like it would fit a “Winter Wonderland” big day and others said they liked the unique design.

But, lots of others said they could only see it as being covered in something x-rated.

Posting the cake on Reddit, some commenters said it looked more appropriate for the wedding night.

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While another joked: "Looks like someone couldn't wait for the honeymoon."

Another said: "You sure thats supposed to be spiderweb? I can think of a few other things it can also be."

While a jokester wrote: "The spider was just really happy, okay!?! Couldn't hold it in til the honeymoon suite."

"Either way it came out of something's genitals,” giggled another.

While a savage poster said: “If the cake had any semblance of colour to it it might look like some cool spooky spiderweb stuff which I could get down with.

“This is a c*m cake. A dirty dessert. A j*zz jumble. A splooge sweet.”

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Yikes, calm down pal…

Many more said that they loved the cake and thought it was “cool AF”, “lovely” and “pretty”.

Another said: "I agree, the concept I love, if I were to have a big wedding a spooky cake would actually be very fitting to my boyfriend and I."

"This is honestly cool," said another.

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