Brits beg for Heinz’s baked beans pizza to return as they ‘dearly miss’ 90s fave

Ever get a craving for food you used to eat growing up?

From turkey twizzlers to Birds Eye’s classic Findus pancakes, dishes always taste better when they’re served up with a hint of nostalgia.

So it should come as no surprise that Heinz’s baked beans pizzas are being raved about on Reddit at the moment.

On the Casual UK forum, Brits have been lamenting the discontinued food item.

One Redditor wrote: “Anybody else remember eating this gourmet creation back in the 90s? This would be a treat on a Saturday evening while watching Gladiators.”

The post garnered more than 400 upvotes – and many shared similar experiences of their own.

One commenter remarked: “Pizza and beans works surprisingly well.

“It seemed to be a school meal staple slice of rectangle pizza, scoop of beans and a few chips.

“Temped to have pizza, chips and beans for tea now.”

Another said: “My dad is a vegetarian and would buy these all the time in the 90s.

“You may think this is great, but that was the ONLY pizza he'd buy and I think its put me off beans.

“Gladiators was the best thing on TV on Saturday nights! Had a slight childhood crush on Wolf.”

A third wrote: “I talk about these pizzas all the time and everyone gives me the same 'beans on a pizza' face of disgust. I miss these pizzas dearly.”

And a fourth added: “I still put beans on pizza.”

Others said they loved the sausage edition of the Heinz pizza too.

A Redditor commented: “Sure there was a version with sausages too? Unless I'm mental.”

A second said: “There absolutely was. I was pretty much obsessed with them. There was also a spaghetti hoop one for a short while too.”

Another gushed: “I preferred the one with extra sausage.”

And a fourth added: “The one with sausage was the best.

“Think you could only get them in Iceland – would love one right now lol!”

What nostalgic food items do you miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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