‘Broke’ pastor turned stripper now lives in million-dollar home & earns fortune

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A woman quit her job as a “broke” pastor to become a stripper – and she now lives in a million-dollar mansion.

On Instagram, Nikole Mitchell told her followers just how lucrative the career change has been.

And what’s more, she’s also loving how much more “freedom” she has nowadays.

Instead of dedicating her life to the Church, she has more time to focus on herself and her family.

The mum, from California, US, told her 182,000 followers: “It’s all brought me to the magical life I have!

“Where I make between $30,000 (around £21,000) and $100,000 (around £73,000) a month!”

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Nikole, who has also trained to be a life coach, continued: “I live in a million dollar home – where I have an amazing team working for me!

“Where I get to take my babies on all kinds of trips.

“Where I no longer have to say no because of money.

“To me, that is freedom. That is joy. That is peace. That is abundance.”

The mum added she had to take risks in order to become successful.

She explained: “It started with me taking a leap of faith for me, going all in on me, betting on me… even when it was crazy, didn’t make sense, and people would have been horrified had they known some of the early decisions I made to get where I am today… and it’s paid off a hundredfold!

“Your job is to deeply trust yourself, take any and all inspired action you feel led to take, block out any and all outside opinions/fears/judgments, and TO NOT QUIT.”

Nikole said she had to stick by her new job “even when family thought (she) was crazy”.

She also worried as money didn’t initially come easily and her “marriage fell apart”.

The stripper added: “Even when I became a single mother of three. I didn’t quit”.

As well as giving her more financial freedom, Nikole believes she’s a “better mum” nowadays.

Earlier this year, she told the Holly Randall Unfiltered Podcast: “[We have] All kinds of conversations and equipping them with tools that I was never equipped with as a kid growing up.

“It is now so important to me now as a mum to teach my kids these things so they have these skills for a life time, for dating, relationships, for their working environment for who they become, whatever they end up doing these are life skills everyone needs.

"I would say my work has prepared me and helped me with that better than anything else in my life…

“Now I am where I am, I feel that not only my sense of sexuality but the sex work I do is so much healthier than this sex mindset that I grew up with in the church.

"So I think that the most toxicity you can have about sexuality, sex, bodies, can come from the kind of church that I came from and I remember looking at the big picture and thinking I’m giving my kids a much better gift."

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