Cadbury now does orange flavoured Dairy Milk fingers and giant buttons

CADBURY is now selling orange flavoured Dairy Milk fingers and giant buttons – just days after confirming the return of its Orange Twirl.

Fans have been going wild for the new treats after spotting them for sale in convenience stores.

Cadbury lovers will know that Dairy Milk fingers are sticks of crispy biscuits covered in chocolate, while Dairy Milk giant buttons consist of circular bites of choc.

As the name suggests, the new versions of both snacks will contain the same Dairy Milk chocolate but with an added taste of orange.

For now, orange fingers and buttons are only available in Londis and Budgens stores.

They’ll then be sold in One Stop shops later this month, followed by Tesco in September.

Cadbury confirmed to The Sun that Dairy Milk orange fingers have an RRP of £1.65, while shoppers will pay £1.99 for Dairy Milk orange giant buttons.

However, shops are free to charge what they like so you may end up paying more or less than this.

In comparison, a 138g box of regular Dairy Milk fingers cost £1 from Tesco, while the supermarket also charges £1 for a 119g bag of Dairy Milk giant buttons.

News of their existence has already hit social media with a post about the new snacks accumulating more than 12,000 likes on the NewFoodsUK Instagram page.

One chocoholic commented: "Need these!"

Another said: "Omg choc orange buttons!"

A third commented: "Whoever sees these first PLEASE PURCHASE (in bulk)."

Dairy Milk orange fingers contain 511 calories per 100g, while the orange giant buttons have 533 calories per 100g.

Regular Dairy Milk fingers contain 517 calories per 100g, and it's 553 calories per 100g for giant buttons, so they're roughly the same.

We've asked Cadbury how big each new product is and we'll update this article when we know more.

Both new products come just days after Cadbury confirmed the return of its Orange Twirl bar.

Cadbury launched an official Orange Twirl pre-sale online today, where 5,000 of the bars were sold before hitting supermarket shelves next month.

A further 5,000 bars will be sold again this Thursday, August 20.

Cadbury hasn't given an official date for when Orange Twirls will be in supermarkets but we know it'll definitely be in September.

The Sun spoke to one lucky dad who managed to find a THREE-fingered Orange Twirl in B&M.

Cadbury recently released three new flavours including coconut, blueberry and crunchy honeycomb.

The new flavours come as Cadbury announced it will shrink Chomp, Curly Wurly and Fudge bars to help fight child obesity.

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