Camilla looks ‘uneasy’ in a new emotional video about her late father

Kate Middleton: Camilla ‘wasn’t very keen’ claims expert

Clarence House’s Instagram page often posts images and videos of both Camilla Parker Bowles and the Prince of Wales, but yesterday Camilla spoke about a matter more personal than usual: her late father. Camilla tells viewers about her father’s love of reading, encouraging fans to follow another Instagram account, Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room.

Camilla is asked intimate questions about her father, but body language expert Judi James says her body movements demonstrate a reluctance to reveal much about herself.

“Camilla looks uneasy and unwilling to disclose her more personal side to the camera here,” Judi explains.

The body language expert refers to Camilla’s hand gestures and facial expressions.

She says: “She is using a flurry of denial signals to suggest a rather defensive response to questions about her childhood.”

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Judi claims that Camilla attempts to make her experiences relatable to audiences, perhaps wanting to make them sound more like an average person’s.

“Her head shakes from side to side almost continually, signalling a desire to make her experiences sound unimportant and normal,” she says.

Judi adds: “Her one-shoulder shrug gesture adds to the message that her story is of low interest and probably not something she wants to add to.”

This may be because Camilla wants to sound humble, or that she is understandably protective about details of her personal life, as many would be.

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The body language expert analyses Camilla’s “mouth-shrug” and the “flicking gesture” of her hand.

“She is ‘shooing’ her story away rather than adding emphasis, hinting that she would prefer not to answer that type of question,” Judi says.

Looking at Camilla’s eye movements, Judi gave her professional opinion on how the Duchess feels in front of the camera.

She says: “Camilla is still avoiding any direct eye contact with the camera, which also looks guarded at a time when everyone is using cameras to provide much-needed communication links to the outside world.”

Judi continues: “At one point though her eye-contact moves from her unseen interviewer to someone also unseen on the other side of the camera and this nervous eye-dart looks like a cry for help.”

This may demonstrate a desire for the interview to end, perhaps revealing Camilla’s discomfort.

“It’s as though she’d prefer to take the spotlight off herself and onto other people,” Judi adds.

The body language expert also comments on Camilla’s smile: “When Camilla does smile it is asymmetric, only hiked up one side of her face and this gesture suggests mixed emotions.”

The Duchess of Cornwall’s “unease” is also emphasised in her hand gestures, says Judi.

“Her hands land in a high steepled clasp, which is a barrier gesture that normally suggests a desire to keep people at a respectful distance,” she explains.

Despite her discomfort, Camilla’s words are heartwarming ones as she tells viewers about her father’s influence on her as a child.

She explains in the video that her love of books came from him, saying: “He was probably the best-read man I’ve come across, anywhere. I mean, he devoured books.”

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