Candace Bushnell on her favorite ‘Sex and the City’ fashion moment

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“Sex and the City” author Candace Bushnell always meant for clothes to play a leading role.

“Fashion was really important in the series. I mean, it’s New York — it’s a fashion city,” she told Page Six Style. “New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world.”

And now that there’s an HBO Max reboot in the works, fans might get to see some of their favorite looks get a new lease on life.

“I have so many favorite fashion Carrie [Bradshaw] moments. I love the newspaper dress and the tutu skirt, it was iconic. I actually have a yellow tulle skirt that I’ve worn to dinners,” the writer, 62, said.

“So I would say that’s a favorite, the Christian Dior newspaper dress, and then the tutu second.”

Bushnell said she’s also got a soft spot for the satin Manolo Blahnik “Hangisi” pumps ($995) Carrie wore to marry Mr. Big in the first “SATC” movie.

“The designer, Manolo, actually gave me a pair,” she shared.

Ultimately, the author hopes her characters’ stories — and not just their style — have left a mark on readers.

“I hope I’ve prepped a generation of women to [see] what their life in New York could be like,” she said. “I always want to inspire woman to be independent. And leave the world a little bit less sexist.”

Bushnell is currently working on the TV adaptation of her 2019 novel “Is There Still Sex in the City?”

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