Cat owners will soon be legally required to microchip their pets – what to know

Every cat owner knows, from their 5am ‘give me attention’ wake-up calls to food preferences that change on a whim, these animals can’t be constrained by human rules.

We can, however – and the rules we have to follow as responsible pet parents are about to change.

Legislation introduced this week makes it compulsory for all pet cats in England over the age of 20 weeks to be microchipped, in an effort to reduce loss and theft.

Of the 11 million owned cats across the UK, 2.8 million (26%) are not microchipped.

According to Chief Veterinary Officer, Christine Middlemiss, ‘those who are microchipped are more than twice as likely to be reunited with their owner’ if they’re stolen or go missing.

But if that wasn’t reason enough, people who fail to have their pet chipped before the deadline risk a fine of up to £500… that’s a lot of Dreamies.

For more information on microchipping cats, visit the Cats Protection website.

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