Cheeky school kid’s ‘genius’ hack to avoid being asked any questions on Zoom

A schoolkid has invented a genius hack which means he isn't asked any questions during online lessons via Zoom.

The clever trick was revealed by a Twitter user who is married to a teacher.

Spilling the beans on the cheeky behaviour, the Twitter user known as Chris, revealed all to his 1,836 followers.

He wrote: "My wife is a teacher and apparently one kid has been changing his name to 'Reconnecting' during the Zoom lessons so that he doesn't get asked any questions. Been doing it for weeks.

"The lad doesn't need to worry about his education, he's already a bona fide genius."

Fellow social media users were loving the trick, with the post racking up more than 16,000 retweets and in excess of 139,000 likes.

It seems like the lad wasn't the only one who had been causing mischief with his home learning.

One fellow Twitter user replied: "We’ve seen “buffering…” and also kids setting their names to the name of another kid in the class and then posting rude comments in the chat.

"You can’t prove who it was because there’s now multiple kids with the same name!"

While another added: "My son had a video of himself playing on a loop studying intensely set up on an iPad in front of the webcam while he was playing Fifa on his phone on the bed!"

A third chimed in: "I had a kid trying to fool me with it today. I said I'd called his mother. he stopped."

Someone else had advice for those running the Zoom session though, saying: "Teacher need to be one step ahead.

"There is a setting you can change easily to stop the darlings doing that."

The cheeky behaviour comes as Health Secretary Matt Hancock admitted recently that he he wasn't sure if schools in England will reopen by Easter.

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