Chris Hemsworth’s Mad Max Prequel Could Be "Biggest Film Ever Made" In Australia

The Mad Max prequel is making the headlines, and it’s not just the content of the movie that’s taking this film to new heights. This time, the sheer level of investment that is going in to this project is enough to turn heads. In fact, Drive reports that this is the biggest movie investment that Australia has ever seen. Set to film in New South Wales, Mad Max is receiving an injection of an estimated $350 million into their economy, putting this movie on the map as being the single-most influential film in this region. Chris Hemsworth is set to star in the flick, which is expected to go in to wide release in 2023.

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Mad Max is shining the spotlight on Australia, and the hope is that more actors will recognize the incredible potential that this region holds for the cinematic world.

Australian-born director, George Miller is a true pillar of this project. The filming of this movie is poised to generate 850 local jobs, creating a huge opportunity for Australians in a series of different genres of employment.

Drive reports that; “production for the movie will be partially funded by grants schemes supported by the NSW and Federal Government” and will be partially funded by a “Made in NSW” fund, which is about $175 million per film over five years.

Leading actor Chris Hemsworth is a huge supporter of this project being filmed on Australian soil. He happens to be an Australian-born native, and is completely aware of the opportunities that this movie will bring to his home town.  A movie with this level of prominence and influence is going leave a huge footprint on Australia’s landscape, and will leverage future opportunities for even more filming.

The growth potential is significant, and the possibilities are endless. Hemsworth is delighted to have the ability to drum up some money and added exposure to Australia. Driver is quoted as stating that “it was important to him the latest Mad Max movie was filmed in Australia. The previous instalment was shot in Namibia.”

Creating a boom in the economy, film crews are preparing to travel across Australia to begin filming. This movie is going to be a huge aid in helping the region recover from the effects of the global pandemic.

The Hindu reports that; “Australia has been dubbed “Aussiewood” in the media because a number of actors have left Los Angeles for the freedoms of Sydney while Australia has been relatively successful in halting community transmission of COVID-19.”

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